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Babashook: The Game
Birthday Murder Party: Double Feature
Bloody Trip
Three Ghostly Noses

Super RMN World 2 - Made the levels Colorful Playground and Overgrown Grove.
SMBX Super Contest - Made the level Waterfall Heights.
Abyssal of the Opera - Character Artist
B&W Love - Mapper
Castle Oblivion: Remake - Pun Writer
Legion Saga DX - Some maps
Red Balloon of Happiness - Voice actor
The Golden Fish - Graphical Assistance


Check out Coastgrove, I upload REFMAP edits on there!

RMN Holiday Calendar
The definitive RMN community game. (Featuring Christmas Card 2020)


[Poll] Mapdaptation Community Winner Poll

Edit: the top three are not on the poll, you can vote for anything on here.

We recenty had the mapdaptation contest on RMN. You can download all entries from the gamepage here, or download them individually from the event page.

This is a thread where you can vote for your favorite entry outside of the top three winners to decide who will receive the Hero of the People badge.

Frog's Grove Bazaar of Art, Maps, Photoshop, and Assorted Skills


Hey y'all, I'm but a humble frog doing commissions now. Below are some of my works, if anything interests you hit me up with a message on here, on twitter at @FroggeDev or on Discord at Frogge#5728. Unfortunately I don't have set prices for pieces, but I'm sure we can work something out ~
Minimum price is $20.


Illustrated Character Pieces

Detailed Portraits

Face Sprites / Icons

Chibis (In bulk)

Photo Manipulation


Anything else? Hit me up!


Frogge Rates All Frog Emojis

I saw an ant expert rating ant emojis on facebook so imma do frogs even though i'm not a frog expert just a hobbyist


His mouth looks somewhat strange, and the rendering is a bit overdone to the point where they made my boi look like shrek, but not a bad frog all things considered. 6.5/10


What is this abomination. Why does he look like he wants to murder you in your sleep. Why does he have teeth. WHY DOES HE HAVE TEETH. This is just straight up slander. 2/10


A very good boi. Looks very pleasant to be around and the colors are very nice. His little stripes are a very nice little addition. 10/10


Slightly better mouth than Apple's version, and the dark green spots are somewhat cool even if a bit messy. Not a bad boi. 8/10


A sweet, silly boi. He's not the smartest froggy around, but he knows how to have a good time, and certainly how to entertain. 10/10


A sweet, gentle design. This boi may be a little chubbier than his fellow frogs, but that gives him all the more body to pet. This frog is a sweet and friendly boi. 9/10


This is an alien. This is not a frog. -15/10




This boi loses points for looking more like a green bear than a frog, but is a very pleasant boi to be around none the less. 8/10


I love that his eyes are lilypads, but this boi was created by someone who has absolutely no idea what good color palettes are. This hurts my eyes to look at. 3/10


This angle might make my boi look like a mutant creature, but he clearly shows enthusiasism. This boi is trying and for that he deserves credit. 7/10


This boi absolutely looks like it wants to kill you. They made my poor boi too creepy looking. Frog is not a serial killer. STOP REPRESENTING HIM AS SUCH. 3/10


This boi's headshape is somewhat off, but he looks like he would be nice to you regardless. 6.5/10


Very nice neon colors. A vibrant boi. He is expressive and creative. He will stun you with his uniqueness. 10/10




This boi got lost on his way looking for the neon world in Yume Nikki. However, his coincidental visit is a plesant one. This boi would probably be somewhat shy but still friendly towards you. 8/10

That is all the frogs and this is a thread that I made because reasons. Thank you everyone and good night.

Frogge Reviews Some Albums Bc Why Not

I like reviewing things so I'm gonna review albums I listen to over time, starting from january 1st of 2019, in the order I've listened to them

keep in mind not all of them released this year, I just listened to them this year

also if you think you get my music taste and have any suggestions i'm more than happy to hear, and feel free to review albums in the thread or w/e

Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust? (7.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Favorite Songs: Not the Only One, The Ending, Better Than Life
Songs I Didn't Like: Renegade Music, Who Do You Trust?, Top of the World, I Suffer Well

I first discovered the band through Not the Only One which they released as a single before this album in 2018. Then I listened to two other albums of theirs and fell in love, so I was pretty hyped for this. Overall it was a very satisfying album that had a few songs I didn't like, but all in all the good songs far outweighed the bad.

Set It Off - Midnight (8/10)
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock
Favorite Songs: Midnight Thoughts, Killer in the Mirror, Dancing with the Devil, For You Forever, Criminal Minds, No Disrespect
Songs I Didn't Like: Unopened Windows

This is a band I pretty much loved before this album so this was probably my most hyped album of 2019 in 2018. I would say most singles they released before the album were the best songs in it, which is a bit unfortunate, but I was still really satisfied, to the point where this might be my favorite album of theirs so far.

The Score - Pressure EP (8/10)
Genre: Rock, Alternative
Favorite Songs: Dreamin, The Fear
Songs I Didn't Like: N/A

Another band I already loved beforehand, one of my favorites of all time, in fact, and I was really hoping this would be a full album and not an EP when they started releasing singles for it, but I'll take what I can get it. It's pretty great none the less, and Dreamin is literally a 10/10 song.

Bring Me the Horizon - amo (9.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Metal
Favorite Songs: in the dark, why you gotta kick me when i'm down?, heavy metal, i don't know what to say
Songs I Didn't Like: fresh bruises, i apologise if you feel something

I had listened to Sempiternal, another album by this band, back in 2018, and I really wasn't a fan. Not because it was a bad album, I just thought it was a bit too metal for my taste. I'm glad I gave this one a chance anyway, because it's probably the best album I've listened to this year, and one of the best album's I've ever listened to overall. The good songs are REALLY good and there's two songs I don't like but it wasn't enough to bring the album down for me.

Bring Me the Horizon - That's the Spirit (9/10)
Genre: Rock, Metal
Favorite Songs: Doomed, Avalanche, True Friends
Songs I Didn't Like: N/A

I listened to this right after amo because I decided to give the band another chance. Turns out this was the only other album of theirs I liked. I don't quite love it as much as amo, and where the worst good songs in amo only dipped to like a 7.5/10 this one does go as far down as 6/10 with Drown. Still a great album none the less.

Slaves - Beautiful Death (8/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Favorite Songs: I'd Rather See Your Star Explode, Petty Trappin
Songs I Didn't Like: The Pact

This is an album that's just consistently really good with all songs except The Pact. I do like two of the above songs more than others but pretty much every other song in this album is an 8/10.

Slaves - Routine Breathing (6.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Favorite Songs: N/A
Songs I Didn't Like: Who Saves the Savior, One God

And where the last album was consistently in an 8/10 range, the best songs from this album are a 7/10.
There's a few songs with really good hooks, like Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out, but it's usually used in the intro and bridge and not the chorus, which really damages the song. It's not a bad album but also when it comes on when I'm on shuffle I skip almost every song from it.

I Prevail - TRAUMA (8.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Metal
Favorite Songs: Low, Dead on Arrival, Hurricane, Deadweight, I Don't Belong Here
Songs I Didn't Like: Gasoline, Bow Down

When I listened to the singles before this album released, I wasn't that big of a fan, but I was still hoping the final result might at least be a decent 7/10. I was wrong. I was completely blown away by some of the songs immediately, like Low, which I instantly gave a 10/10 from the first listen, and a few others that grew on me over time, like I Don't Belong Here which I didn't like at first but then rose all the way to 9/10 after I listened to it a few more times. Deadweight might be the first ever song where most of the vocals are screaming that I actually loved. In fact, Eric might be the first screamer who I think genuinely made songs better rather than worse, and obviously the first I loved. This album was a real surprise hit and I'm so happy with it.

I Prevail - Lifelines (8/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Favorite Songs: Lifelines, Rise
Songs I Didn't Like: N/A

I'd say this album is more consistently good than TRAUMA with most songs around the 8/10 range like in Beautiful Death, but it also doesn't have as many absolutely amazing songs. Rise is a good 9/10 and Lifelines is another 10/10 but TRAUMA had multiple 9/10 songs so all in all I think that's my personal preference, but this one's an amazing album none the less aswell.

NF - Perception (6.5/10*)
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, Alternative
Favorite Songs: 10 Feet Down, Lie, Let You Down, If You Want Love, Remember This, 3AM
Songs I Didn't Like: All other songs

I really don't like hip hop and rap, it's probably my least favorite music genre. But I had listened to Lie from this album and loved it so I figured I'd give the rest of it a chance. I'm glad I did, because while I did not enjoy most of it because it's traditional hip hop and rap, I still found a couple great songs that might serve as a gateway for me into the genre in the future. It's not my cup of tea, but if it's yours, you might enjoy it a lot!

Shinedown - ATTENTION ATTENTION (8.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock

Shinedown is special for me because it's a breath of fresh air, and it doesn't feel like any of the other bands I've listened to, but it also perfectly fits my taste in music. I discovered this album when looking for hard rock albums and I was super pleased with it. Except for the two songs I didn't like, I think every song in this album is REALLY good, the lowest score being a 7/10, but most being 8/10 or above.

Escape the Fate - I Am Human (7/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock
Favorite Songs: Four Letter Word, Broken Heart
Songs I Didn't Like: If Only, Empire, Let Me Be

I found this album at the same time as Shinedown's ATTENTION ATTENTION and I think which one I liked better is pretty obvious. All things considered the best songs in this album are about 8/10 or 8.5/10, and most others are 7/10, but not a bad album by any means.

Deaf Havana - Old Souls (6.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Pop, Alternative
Favorite Songs: Kings Road Ghost, Subterranean Bullshit Blues, Everybody's Dancing and I Want to Die
Songs I Didn't Like: 22

I love this band's newest album, Rituals, so, so much. It's literally my go-to album when I feel emotional. Of course, I tried most other albums by the band after I fell in love with Rituals, but sadly I don't think most of them measured up. I had previously only listened to one or two songs from this album in 2018, but after giving the entire album a chance this year, I kinda liked it. A lot of the songs grew on me, even though a good bunch are in a 6/10 range, but my favorite songs from this album I absolutely love. Kings Road Ghost is another easy 10/10. Not the most amazing album, but it's not too bad for another emotional album. Rituals will always be my obvious choice, but I'm happy with this too.

Nothing More - The Stories We Tell Ourselves (8.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Favorite Songs: All of them (except...)
Songs I Didn't Like: Just Say When

This is another perfectly consistent album with pretty much all songs but one in the 8/10-9/10 range. I wasn't a huge fan when I first listened, but it grew on me. Like, a lot. No really, a LOT. I was thinking a 6 or 6.5 at first but then I really started to love every song and now it's easily among my favorite albums of all time.

Shinedown - Threat to Survival (8/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Favorite Songs: State of My Head, Dangerous, Asking for It
Songs I Didn't Like: Misfits

Another consistently really good album. I think my favorites are really good, most above 9/10, and the rest is in the 7/10-8/10 range. Also, a couple songs from this album strangely remind me of other bands. State of My Head makes me think of The Score, Thick as Thieves makes me think of Imagine Dragons and Oblivion makes me think of Welshly Arms, so if you end up liking those respective songs, maybe check out the bands I mentioned.

Walking on Cars - Colours (7.5/10)
Genre: Alternative, Pop
Favorite Songs: Coldest Water, Two Straight Lines, Too Emotional
Songs I Didn't Like: N/A

After The Stories We Tell Ourselves, I hadn't listened to a new album for like a good month because I had a lot of songs that satisfied me more than enough. Then I got kinda emotional and started to listen to Deaf Havana's rituals again and went searching for more albums like this which landed me on this. All in all, a consistently good album with songs in the 7/10-8/10 range. Still, I went back to listening Rituals instead. Maybe one day I'll find an album that's gonna surpass that for me in terms of emotion in the music, but this wasn't it.

You Me at Six - VI (7.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock
Favorite Songs: 3AM, Fast Forward, Miracle in the Mourning, Straight to My Head
Songs I Didn't Like: N/A

I am so absolutely in love with all the favorites I mentioned. Unfortunately I think the rest of the album lingers around the 7/10 area for me. Still, those four songs enough make me so happy.

Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection (7/10) I'm increasing it to (8.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Favorite Songs: Suspended In This Disaster, Care, Flash
Songs I Didn't Like: Shelf Life

Tilian's voice is mindblowingly good. Also the only band besides I Prevail where I really didn't mind the screaming! I think this band has a really unique identity to them, as well as this entire album. There's a couple songs I don't like, but a whole lot of the others grew on me over time, jumping from a 6/10 to an 8/10, like Slouch or Hair Song. Maybe my opinion on those songs I didn't like will change over time, I don't know They did. I think if you're looking to get into the band, I would recommend listening to Care as that was the song that I loved from the first listen.

X Ambassadors - ORION (6/10)
Genre: Alternative, Pop
Favorite Songs: QUICKSAND

X Ambassadors has always been a band that I listen to for like two weeks but then get tired of and this album's really no exception. It's fairly decent alternative/pop but not really anything special for me.

X Ambassadors - Love Songs, Drug Songs (6.5/10)
Genre: Alternative, Pop
Favorite Songs: Love Songs Drug Songs
Songs I Didn't Like: N/A

Okay ditto on this EP but damn the song that shares the album name is really good.

Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership (8.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Favorite Songs: Chucky vs The Giant Tortoise, Frozen One, Inspire the Liars, Chocolate Jackalope
Songs I Didn't Like: Flossie Dickey Bounce, Petting Zoo Justice

Goddamn this band grew on me. It takes me a while to get used to some of their songs (god knows it took me one whole month to start liking Inspire the Liars but I hella love it now) but they're easily one of the best bands I have ever listened to and just with these two albums alone they deserve a spot on my top 10. (And also they've gotten me more cool with metal screaming/growling etc and as you will see later I've found quite a few bands with screaming that I really like)

Noah Kahan - Busyhead (5/10)
Genre: Pop, Acoustic
Favorite Songs: False Confidence, Cynic, Tidal, Mess
Songs I Didn't Like: Everything else

You can probably tell that this one is also a quite biased review because I don't like acoustic songs (but False Confidence is one of the best songs I've listened to ever)

Nothing More - Nothing More (7.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Favorite Songs: Christ Copyright, This is Time (Ballast)
Songs I Didn't Like: Pyre (only because i can't be bother to listen to a 9 minute long song)

While I don't think their self titled album quite measures up to their most recent album, this one's still filled with terrific rock ballasts and I really love the band's sound.

Eidola - To Speak, To Listen (6/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Favorite Songs: Primitive Economics, The Abstract of a Planet in Resolve, The Familiar
Songs I Didn't Like: Transcenditum (both parts)

Eidola has one of the best vocalists I have ever seen and some seriously good instrumentals but dang is some of the music on here just really really tame despite the fact that it's hard rock. Still, the three songs I really like from this album I REALLY like from this album.

Crown the Empire - Sudden Sky (8/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Favorite Songs: All of them except
Songs I Didn't Like: (X)

This one came across my youtube dash the day it released and boy am I goddamn glad it did because this is a hella good album. And I know the cover looks like K-Pop. It's not. It's amazing.

PVRIS - White Noise (7/10)
Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock
Favorite Songs: Let Them In, Smoke, My House
Songs I Didn't Like: You and I, Empty

You may or may not have noticed that I don't listen to a lot of bands that have female vocalists but the song Ghosts from this album came across my feed on youtube and the instrumental immediately hooked me in so I decided to give the rest of the album a go too, and I was not disappointed.

Crown the Empire - Retrograde (7/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Favorite Songs: Hologram, Zero, Kaleidoscope, Signs of Life
Songs I Didn't Like: Sk-68, Lucky Us

While I don't think it's quite as consistently great as Sudden Sky, Retrograde still has some really good songs, though some vastly better than others. Hologram is easily in a tie for my favorite song from the band with Blurry.

Dance Gavin Dance - Instant Gratification (7/10)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Favorite Songs: Something New, On the Run, Awkward
Songs I Didn't Like: Shark Dad

There's some great parts in each song across Instant Gratification but I feel like most of them either aren't very strong in the verses or the chorus. I expected this one to grow on me over time too, but I was surprised to find the songs in this one really did feel kind of lower in quality in comparison to the other two albums I've listened to.

The Score - Stay (7/10)
Genre: Rock, Alternative
Favorite Songs: The Hunger, In my Bones, Rush
Songs I Didn't Like: N/A

I was kind of let down by this album because The Score is one of my favorite bands and they've definitely done much better music in the past. This one suffers from being fairly repetitive and all too samey to their previous EP. Some of the songs in here also feel really average, especially Can't Stop Me Now. I still don't dislike any of the songs but I think they can really do a lot better. Still a worthwhile EP though. Maybe just should've been combined with Pressure to be a full album but oh well.

Deaf Havana - Fools and Worthless Liars (8.5/10)
Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock
Favorite Songs: All of them except Hunstanton Pier, The Past Six Years and Fifty Four
Songs I Didn't Like: The Past Six Years

Wow I am an absolute bufoon. I actually judged this album by its cover and figured I wouldn't like it that much but boy is this their most consistently great album yet. Rituals is still my favorite album by Deaf Havana, but after the very disappointing Old Souls this album was such a pleasant surprise.

Currently Listening:
I don't like to review unless I've listened to the album for at least a week so expect me to review these pretty soon.

The Faim - State of Mind
Issues - Headspace
Issues - Black Diamonds
Blessthefall - Hard Feelings
Issues - Beautiful Oblivion

Rpg Makers: Endgame

some shitposting on the discord led to me creating whatever the fuck this masterpiece is and I am posting it here so you all can feast your eyes upon it

REFMAP Arranged/Categorized

I ended up asking, and as I expected, this should be a forum thread instead of a resource, so here you go.

I love working with REFMAP/FSM/Mack graphics, but they have SO much content that I find it kinda hard to find what tiles I wanna use when making a tileset or parallax mapping. So I decided to categorize individual tiles. I haven't done everything yet, but I'll probably update this thread over time as I add more.

And hey, I even put everything similar in close proximity to make it easier for use!

Terms and Conditions (Basically just copy pasted REFMAP's)

・ This image data can be used free of charge as a game creation material regardless of the tools used.
・ No need to contact for use.
-You can distribute image data that you have processed (but you can not distribute unprocessed image data).
・ The right of this image is owned by "REFMAP".

· This Image Data Can Be Used For Free As A Material For Game Creation.
· In Use, Contact Is Not Necessary.
· You Can Distribute Processed Image Data (But Distribution Of Unprocessed Image Data Is Prohibited).
· The Right Of This Image Is owned by "REFMAP".

Also no need to give me credit, I don't own anything.













DEATH!!! (Skeletons, Graves, Religious Death Symbols)


To do (in no particular order): Electronics, Floors, Walls, Cliffs, Storage Units, Food, Bathroom Utensils


Years back, they descended from the sky. Most of the population was wiped out. Those who remain live their lives in hiding from them, travelling from town to town when one becomes too dangerous to live in.

Once news of a storm looming over their current hideout surface, a woman and her elderly father must evacuate before the rain hits. However, after an unfortunate event seperates the two, the woman must now find her father within the dangerous town overrun by their deepest fears.

Why must they run from the storm?


So what's a chain game anyway?
A chain game is a game where people take turns, each creating a chapter.
In this case, I will be making the first chapter, and then someone else will get to pick it up and make a chapter, and they'll hand it to me, which I will then hand to the person that's next in line and so on.

So what is this chain game about?
The Haven Decay will be a survival horror game inspired by Silent Hill. It's not necessary that you play the Silent Hill games to join in, but it is highly recommended.

We will have action based battles rather than the traditional turn based rpg battles. Further details will be discussed later.

How will we interact?
A group discord will be created for convinience. Please make sure you have discord if you wish to join.

How exactly will this work?
I will make an introductory chapter to provide some framework and send it to the second person in line. They will continue the story and send it back to me. I will add in a boss battle and send it to the next person in line. That person will also continue the story and send it back to me so I can add another boss and send it to the next person, and so on and on.

Your spot on the list will be assigned after sign ups are finished.

When do sign ups close?
On the 22nd of january.

Engine: Rpg Maker Vx Ace
Resources: Nekura tilesets (will be shared on the group discord, do not worry if you do not own them), Mack character sprites


You will have 2 weeks to create your chapter. Extensions will not be given.
Your part should be roughly 20 minutes. A little less or a little more is fine, but try not to go too far below or above.
This should go without saying, but do not mess with other people's work.
We are aiming for a polished, consistent product. There will be a debug room where you will be able to copy paste some events like doors and such so that we don't run into issues such as one person using different locked door sound effects than another and so on. Check the debug room carefully. If your half has any inconsistencies, it will be edited.
Consistency also applies to graphics. Do not add in any resources without running it by me first. We don't want one map to have nekura tilesets only to walk into a room that's pixellated 2k3 tilesets for whatever reason. Some similar looking styles here and there, such as a few rtp tilesets in a pinch, will be allowed, but stick to nekura as much as you can! This also applies to scripts. Do not add in any scripts without asking.
Do not add in facesets! We will not be using faces.
You will be free to add to the database but you will not be allowed to remove from the database.
We will have 5 endings (Good, Good+, Bad, Bad+) and the secret ending will be a secret ending only for new game+ mode. If you want to add in anything that will affect which ending you get (Ex: choosing if you want to kill a character or not. Killing leads to bad ending and sparing leads to good ending), run it by me first!

The rest are not necessarily rules, but still some guidelines you should try to abide by.

We will have some side characters. Try to have each side character appear at least once or twice in your part. If you get a later placement, try to use previous characters instead of introducing many new ones. We want to have around 5-6 side characters in total at most.
Try not to add in more than 3 new enemy types. I will be spriting the enemies so let me know what you want them to look like. Try not to go for overly detailed designs because I am not an expert spriter.
Silent Hill games are also known for the Other World, which we will have as well. This is another dimension you can access in each area that will take you to a more distorted, rusty and bloody version of that area. Try making use of the Other World at least once in each area.
Try to have one full area in your chapter (Ex: One person makes a full hospital area, the other makes a full school area, and so on). Do not add in bosses as those will be handled by me in between each chapter.

Lastly, here are some concepts from the Silent Hill games that you should try to make use of.

Resources should be scarce. In the Silent Hill games, fighting is usually meant to be a last resort only if you really need to defend yourself. So try not to give the player too much ammo or health drinks. Try to keep maps relatively claustrophobic and not spacious. Give little space to dodge, but also don't make it impossible to dodge.
Just like Silent Hill, we want our town to be a sort of personalized hell for each characer. Try to base every enemy on a character's past.
(Ex: If the main character has stabbed someone, try having an enemy that is a deformed humanoid blob with knives impaled all over it. If a side character was bitten by a rat as a child and has been deadly afraid of them since, try having a giant rat enemy.)
Silent Hill is a game very heavy on symbolism. Try to make use of symbolism whenever you can.
Silent Hill games are usually about collecting puzzles and solving puzzles in between. Try having some puzzles in your area, even if they are very simple.
Silent Hill games take place in central towns that connect the sub areas. The sub areas are where most of the key hunting and puzzles take place. Consider these like the horror game stand in for a JRPG dungeon.


1. Frogge
2. Deckiller (second spot)
3. Fomar0153
4. Cap_H
5. Esby (requested middle spot / requested to be after darken? tf are you planning esby)
6. Muffle
7. bicfarmer
8. Darken (requested early spot)
9. psy_wombats
10. cutiesbae
11. pianotm
12. Yomi
13. AestheticGamer (requested middle/later)
14. JosephSeraph
15. HorrorBox

[Poll] Upcoming Chain Game Event - Vote for a Theme! [CLOSED]

I got Libby's permission to host a Silent Hill inspired chain game later this month. The problem is that I do not want to go with Silent Hill's fog theme directly, but rather use a different weather condition than fog. So with the help of some discordians, I came up with a few other ideas on what we could have as the main weather condition that haunts the game's town will be. You don't have to be partaking in the event to vote, you may just vote for what you would be interested in seeing.

Smash Bros RMN - What would your abilities be?

So I had a dream last night that there was an RMN fighting game like smash where members were fighters, and I thought it would be fun if we talked in real life what that would actually be like.

So, just for funsies, write your character abilities and moveset here! The character can be you, one of your characters, or even just a character from an rpg maker game you played that you would like to see in a fighting game. Not for a game or anything, but hey, maybe one day when I learn to actually use pixel game maker mv. I made us a handy dandy template below based on this one that I found..

NAME: (Character/member name)
GAME/MEMBER: (Is the character from a game or a member? If game, specify)




Forward Throw:



STRENGTH: x/10 (1-10 scale)
SPEED: (same)
OVERALL: (Aim for around 7 average)

SPECIAL ATTRIBUTE: (if there is one. Does your character float? Wall-cling? Wall-jump? Etc.)

Intro: (Describe what they do when entering the stage and/or first appearing on screen.)
Intro quotes: (Put ‘em here. You can choose to have specific ones for them going up against specific fighters, but with the number of possible movesets, that could get complicated.)
Taunt: (Describe it here)
Call-in quotes: (Put them here)
When called in: (Same)
After performing an assist: (Same)
KO Quote: (Same)
Win pose: (Description. This happens right after they defeat the other opponents. Maybe they say a short thing while they do this. Maybe they have a second one, or a secret one against certain fighters. Who knows?)
Win quotes: (Similar to the intro quotes, but post match. These appear on the results screen.)

[ART COMMISSIONS] Help Muffle out!

So a friend of mine recently ended up losing her house due to a fire. She’s in need of some money, so I want to help her out by doing some cheap commissions. I know my art isn’t exactly worth paying for and I normally don’t like charging for it myself (I’ve only been taking free requests up until now), but I think this situation calls for it.

If you wish to donate to her directly, here is her gofundme:

Otherwise, here’s the commission info.

If you do wish to commission, you’ll have to pay my friend directly through her gofundme, patreon or paypal. I will link to your preferred one after I accept your commission request. You will then have to send me a screenshot as proof that you’ve paid her.

I am okay with drawing nudity or gore, though keep in mind I’m not very experienced with either. I will not draw nudity if it involves children.

If you have any questions, please message me.


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