"nothing can beat the power of gay"?

My tv shows (Mostly so I can keep track of what I'm supposed to be watching)

American Horror Story (7 seasons)
Orange is the New Black (5 seasons)
Bates Motel (5 seasons)
How to Get Away with Murder (3 seasons)
Black Mirror (4 seasons)
Gravity Falls (2 seasons)
13 Reasons Why (2 seasons)
Stranger Things (2 seasons)
Rick and Morty (3 seasons)
Modern Family (1 season)
Over the Garden Wall (1 season)
The End of the F**cking World (1 season)
Camp Camp (2 seasons)
Dark (1 season)
Disjointed (1 season)
Altered Carbon (1 season)
Santa Clarita Diet (2 seasons)
Lacasa de Papel (2 seasons)
Channel Zero (3 seasons)
Insatiable (1 season)
The Good Place (3 seasons)
Top of the Lake (1 season)
Slasher (1 season)
Riverdale (1 season)
The Haunting of Hill House (1 season)
Hilda (1 season)
Russian Doll (1 season)
The Office (2 seasons)


Modern Family (Season 4)
Sense 8 (Season 1)
Andi Mack (Season 2) (On hold)
The Office (Season 3) (On hold)
A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 3)

Next Up on My to Watch List

Modern Family (Seasons 5-10)
American Gods (Season 1)
Channel Zero (Season 4)
American Horror Story (Season 8)
How to Get Away with Murder (Season 4)
The Animals of Farthing Wood (Season 1)

Plans Regarding Future Games

-My top prority is to finish Skinwalker Wolf.

-After Skinwalker Wolf, the first game in the Divination Coven series, Divination Coven: Rebirth is likely to follow. All other Divination Coven games will be side projects to distract me from other games I am working on.

-I want to remake almost all of my past games. Some remakes I have in mind are a remake of Memories (now called Elusive Memories), 100 Floors (now called 75 Floors too Deep), Akane Remastered (now called A Rose Named Akane, and yes, it is a remake of a remake), Return (now called I've Come Home), Grimore Fort (now called Eidolon Fort) and The Road to Woodhaven (still called the same thing). There is the slight possiblity of a Dolorific remake called Dolorific: Definitive Edition in the future as well, but I cannot confirm it.

-Bleakthorne Manor, The Room of Eyes and Through.MIND are all currently in gamedev limbo. Who knows what will happen to them. The Room of Eyes will not be finished unless I can come up with a good rewrite for the story.

-I have a huge project planned called Do You Fear the Night?, as well as one other very long game, but that one hasn't been confirmed yet.

Other possible future releases include:
-A Locked Door to Nowhere: A traditional horror game with a twist
-Dangerous Home of Pink Tulip / Viscious Garden of Black Rose: Two seperate games of the same franchise but with unconnected stories.
-DD CRVNG: A trippy rpg with dark undertones, inspired by the likes of OFF and ENDROLL.
-Delusion | ytliaeR: A Yume Nikki fangame with a small gimmick.
-Middle Tone: A remotely Disney adventure through a world of black and white.
-Anastasia's Region: A point and click game taking place in an island in the sky.
-Craving Insight: A relatively short dark rpg taking place in a tower.
-Deep Down Dawn: An average length rpg taking place underwater.
-Don't Cry for Me: A visual novel I want to make for A Game by Its Cover Jam someday.
-Happy Dreams Project: Generic cute story gone gory and dark horror game.
-Heroes of Maxville: A full length Earthbound inspired rpg.
-Kill Wonder: A murder mystery taking place in a catholic all girls school.
-Life is Strange ~ Cognitive Memorial: A LIS fangame.
-Lunar's Gate: A traditional full length rpg.
-The Arizona Sandstorm: A silent hill inspired horror game taking place in a town in the desert.
-The Bridged Woods: A short found footage horror game.
-The Town of Sunset too Strong: A japanese folklore inspired horror game.
-Welt des Eises ~ The Promised Land: A bleak rpg inspired by the works of Mogeko.
-When the Sirens Go Off: A horror game inspired by famous psychological thrillers like Requiem for a Dream, Ex Machina etc...
-Dread Show ~ Cowhead / Dread Show ~ Hell / Dread Show ~ Starship: A franchise inspired by American Horror Story.
-RMN Haunted House / RMN Easter Card / RMN Thanksgiving Dinner: Possible sequels to RMN Christmas Card
-Goddess Autumn in the Herbal Tea Cafe and Inn (WIP Title): An autumn based horror mystery game for the seasons of RMN event.

In the off chance that I learn to use other engines one day:

In the unlikely case that this happens, I'd love to do a 3D sequel to Dolorific. I'd also love to do a 3D Divination Coven game and I also want to make a 2D metroidvania. And also a couple galizzion first person walking simulators.

2019 Goals:
Total games played from site(excluding replays): 22/100 (Last: Room Escape)
Reviews written: 26/50 (Last: Room Escape)
Non-shitpost/collaborative games finished: 0/2
Virginity lost: 0/1 (and I got so close once! :< )

Currently playing: Yoshi's New Island

Skinwalker Wolf
Something is wrong with Sister Phebe.



Years back, they descended from the sky. Most of the population was wiped out. Those who remain live their lives in hiding from them, travelling from town to town when one becomes too dangerous to live in.

Once news of a storm looming over their current hideout surface, a woman and her elderly father must evacuate before the rain hits. However, after an unfortunate event seperates the two, the woman must now find her father within the dangerous town overrun by their deepest fears.

Why must they run from the storm?


So what's a chain game anyway?
A chain game is a game where people take turns, each creating a chapter.
In this case, I will be making the first chapter, and then someone else will get to pick it up and make a chapter, and they'll hand it to me, which I will then hand to the person that's next in line and so on.

So what is this chain game about?
The Haven Decay will be a survival horror game inspired by Silent Hill. It's not necessary that you play the Silent Hill games to join in, but it is highly recommended.

We will have action based battles rather than the traditional turn based rpg battles. Further details will be discussed later.

How will we interact?
A group discord will be created for convinience. Please make sure you have discord if you wish to join.

How exactly will this work?
I will make an introductory chapter to provide some framework and send it to the second person in line. They will continue the story and send it back to me. I will add in a boss battle and send it to the next person in line. That person will also continue the story and send it back to me so I can add another boss and send it to the next person, and so on and on.

Your spot on the list will be assigned after sign ups are finished.

When do sign ups close?
On the 22nd of january.

Engine: Rpg Maker Vx Ace
Resources: Nekura tilesets (will be shared on the group discord, do not worry if you do not own them), Mack character sprites


You will have 2 weeks to create your chapter. Extensions will not be given.
Your part should be roughly 20 minutes. A little less or a little more is fine, but try not to go too far below or above.
This should go without saying, but do not mess with other people's work.
We are aiming for a polished, consistent product. There will be a debug room where you will be able to copy paste some events like doors and such so that we don't run into issues such as one person using different locked door sound effects than another and so on. Check the debug room carefully. If your half has any inconsistencies, it will be edited.
Consistency also applies to graphics. Do not add in any resources without running it by me first. We don't want one map to have nekura tilesets only to walk into a room that's pixellated 2k3 tilesets for whatever reason. Some similar looking styles here and there, such as a few rtp tilesets in a pinch, will be allowed, but stick to nekura as much as you can! This also applies to scripts. Do not add in any scripts without asking.
Do not add in facesets! We will not be using faces.
You will be free to add to the database but you will not be allowed to remove from the database.
We will have 5 endings (Good, Good+, Bad, Bad+) and the secret ending will be a secret ending only for new game+ mode. If you want to add in anything that will affect which ending you get (Ex: choosing if you want to kill a character or not. Killing leads to bad ending and sparing leads to good ending), run it by me first!

The rest are not necessarily rules, but still some guidelines you should try to abide by.

We will have some side characters. Try to have each side character appear at least once or twice in your part. If you get a later placement, try to use previous characters instead of introducing many new ones. We want to have around 5-6 side characters in total at most.
Try not to add in more than 3 new enemy types. I will be spriting the enemies so let me know what you want them to look like. Try not to go for overly detailed designs because I am not an expert spriter.
Silent Hill games are also known for the Other World, which we will have as well. This is another dimension you can access in each area that will take you to a more distorted, rusty and bloody version of that area. Try making use of the Other World at least once in each area.
Try to have one full area in your chapter (Ex: One person makes a full hospital area, the other makes a full school area, and so on). Do not add in bosses as those will be handled by me in between each chapter.

Lastly, here are some concepts from the Silent Hill games that you should try to make use of.

Resources should be scarce. In the Silent Hill games, fighting is usually meant to be a last resort only if you really need to defend yourself. So try not to give the player too much ammo or health drinks. Try to keep maps relatively claustrophobic and not spacious. Give little space to dodge, but also don't make it impossible to dodge.
Just like Silent Hill, we want our town to be a sort of personalized hell for each characer. Try to base every enemy on a character's past.
(Ex: If the main character has stabbed someone, try having an enemy that is a deformed humanoid blob with knives impaled all over it. If a side character was bitten by a rat as a child and has been deadly afraid of them since, try having a giant rat enemy.)
Silent Hill is a game very heavy on symbolism. Try to make use of symbolism whenever you can.
Silent Hill games are usually about collecting puzzles and solving puzzles in between. Try having some puzzles in your area, even if they are very simple.
Silent Hill games take place in central towns that connect the sub areas. The sub areas are where most of the key hunting and puzzles take place. Consider these like the horror game stand in for a JRPG dungeon.


1. Frogge
2. Deckiller (second spot)
3. Fomar0153
4. Cap_H
5. Esby (requested middle spot / requested to be after darken? tf are you planning esby)
6. Muffle
7. bicfarmer
8. Darken (requested early spot)
9. psy_wombats
10. cutiesbae
11. pianotm
12. Yomi
13. AestheticGamer (requested middle/later)
14. JosephSeraph
15. HorrorBox

[Poll] Upcoming Chain Game Event - Vote for a Theme! [CLOSED]

I got Libby's permission to host a Silent Hill inspired chain game later this month. The problem is that I do not want to go with Silent Hill's fog theme directly, but rather use a different weather condition than fog. So with the help of some discordians, I came up with a few other ideas on what we could have as the main weather condition that haunts the game's town will be. You don't have to be partaking in the event to vote, you may just vote for what you would be interested in seeing.

Smash Bros RMN - What would your abilities be?

So I had a dream last night that there was an RMN fighting game like smash where members were fighters, and I thought it would be fun if we talked in real life what that would actually be like.

So, just for funsies, write your character abilities and moveset here! The character can be you, one of your characters, or even just a character from an rpg maker game you played that you would like to see in a fighting game. Not for a game or anything, but hey, maybe one day when I learn to actually use pixel game maker mv. I made us a handy dandy template below based on this one that I found..

NAME: (Character/member name)
GAME/MEMBER: (Is the character from a game or a member? If game, specify)




Forward Throw:



STRENGTH: x/10 (1-10 scale)
SPEED: (same)
OVERALL: (Aim for around 7 average)

SPECIAL ATTRIBUTE: (if there is one. Does your character float? Wall-cling? Wall-jump? Etc.)

Intro: (Describe what they do when entering the stage and/or first appearing on screen.)
Intro quotes: (Put ‘em here. You can choose to have specific ones for them going up against specific fighters, but with the number of possible movesets, that could get complicated.)
Taunt: (Describe it here)
Call-in quotes: (Put them here)
When called in: (Same)
After performing an assist: (Same)
KO Quote: (Same)
Win pose: (Description. This happens right after they defeat the other opponents. Maybe they say a short thing while they do this. Maybe they have a second one, or a secret one against certain fighters. Who knows?)
Win quotes: (Similar to the intro quotes, but post match. These appear on the results screen.)

[ART COMMISSIONS] Help Muffle out!

So a friend of mine recently ended up losing her house due to a fire. She’s in need of some money, so I want to help her out by doing some cheap commissions. I know my art isn’t exactly worth paying for and I normally don’t like charging for it myself (I’ve only been taking free requests up until now), but I think this situation calls for it.

If you wish to donate to her directly, here is her gofundme:

Otherwise, here’s the commission info.

If you do wish to commission, you’ll have to pay my friend directly through her gofundme, patreon or paypal. I will link to your preferred one after I accept your commission request. You will then have to send me a screenshot as proof that you’ve paid her.

I am okay with drawing nudity or gore, though keep in mind I’m not very experienced with either. I will not draw nudity if it involves children.

If you have any questions, please message me.


Some good sites if you're using REFMAP/FSM/Mack graphics!

According to Libby, this goes here. Yippie!


So, you're making a game that uses the FSM tiles, but you feel that the base content is not enough. You need more!

But if you're reading this and not just skipping to the links, I assume you are wondering what exactly FSM is. Simply put, it is a pack of graphics for rpg maker. They had some resources for rpg maker 2003, followed up by their ace resources and most recently mv resources.

Notable examples of games using the 2k3 FSM graphics. Respectively from Ara Fell by Badluck, Akemi Tan by Kona5, Myth Xaran by Xathia Vastar and Swan Song by Little Wing Guy.

Van Helsing Badaptation, a game by Archeia Nessiah that uses the FSM tiles for ace.

An official preview of the FSM tiles for MV.

While the original 2k3 resources have so much content that I'd be surprised if you actually possibly managed to run out of sprites to use, the newer ones in particular are a lot more limited, so the internet took it upon themselves to deliver you what the official packs didn't!

These are a few resources that are based on the FSM tiles for 2k3, ace, and mv.


Kurogeki has a few very useful tilesets if you're making a 2k3 FSM game. Their tilesets include a japanese shrine, a restaurant, a modern house and a plane.

This site has a bunch of modern character sprites, some even with poses! Great if you feel that there aren't enough character sprites in the base content.

Also not a particularly huge site, and you likely won't find a lot of new stuff here, but they've got a few decent edits of the base content.

A site with some great edits, and even a completely original tileset or two!

Back in my day, I've made a REFMAP edit or two. (Like, maybe a few months ago). I feel that you all should be free to use them too!


A good furry appeal site! They have a few neat monster sprites.

An absolute LIFESAVER if you need more sprites in ace style. They've got a whole bunch of em!

A very small site but has some useful character sprites.

A great tumblr with some super useful edits!

A site that has a couple 2k3 refmap tiles converted to ace, most notably some GORGEOUS trees.

Yet another small site with some character sprites.

I'm running out of things to say for these small sites. Check it out!

Hey look more useful sprites!

Candacis has a few RTP roofs in the style of mack's roofs on their site!

To be completely honest with you I don't know who the original artist for these is, but these are some nice seasonal edits!

Some neat tile edits and a character sprite from Granny!

If you're looking for some neat rocks Indrah's yo man!

C h a r a c t e r s p r i t e s ~


Pretty much the only thing I could find for MV.


Most ace tilesets tend to go with Mack's ace content, so feel free to do your own tileset mish-mashes. It will likely look okay regardless.

Mack's ace tiles mixed with RTP.


Hope this might help you out one way or another!

Make sure you subscribe as there is a good list I may update the list over time as I find more resources.

If you know any that are not on this list, make sure you share, thanks!

[RMVX ACE] Looking for some old timey resources.

I'm gathering resources for a game that takes place in the 19th-20th century, and have a few things I haven't been able to find. If you know of any of these it would be great if you could share!

(MV stuff is okay too, I can resize them for ace)

Trolley / Tram (Found)
Reference Pic

Water Tank (Found)
Reference Pic

Fire Exit (!!!)
Reference Pic

Shipping Containers (Found)
Reference Pic

Electric Poles (!!!)
Reference Pic

Barbershop Exterior (Those swirly red things in particular) (!)
Reference Pic

Horse cart that doesn't look too medieval (Found)
Reference Pic

I don't necessarily need every one, but the more the merrier!

Doing some drawing requests for practice

I'm still pretty new to art and stuffs and I really need some practice. So, I'd be more than happy to draw some of your requests!

If you have something you'd like me to draw, read the rules below, post on the thread what you want or pm me (preferably the thread so I can keep track more easily) and I'll get to it!

Here's a few examples of my works! (The images might be a little big so keep that in mind)

1) I may not be able to draw anything too big such as lots of characters, a full on image with backgrounds and stuff like that. Try to keep it simple!
2) You are allowed to use the art wherever you want (anything commercial included) as long as you give me credit.
3) No matter how much I'd like to, I won't be drawing NSFW.
4) What you see may not be exactly what you get! Remember this is basically for practice purposes for me. I may try different shading or drawing styles.
5) One request per person, sadly.
6) While I highly doubt I will, if I do end up getting lots of requests, I may not be able to get to all of them.
7) If you're not happy with how it turned out, I might be able to change a thing here and there, BUT I will not be redrawing.
8) Be nice! Please and thank you's are highly appreciated.

I do not have anywhere for donations at the moment, but if you do really want to donate, just feel free to gift me something cheap from my steam wishlist. There's over 2000 games on there, a lot of them under $5. You are in no way obligated to do so and I will not think of anyone lowly for not... uhh, donating, if you can call it that. This is just for if you end up really liking what I draw for you and you wanna get me some entertainment.

WARNING: As far as I know, steam doesn't let some countries gift to others. I think they were going to change this system at some point but I have no idea if they did. So if you're going to buy something might want to make sure yet that you can gift me in my region. (My region is set to Turkey.)

Oh, and if you happen to be an artist, I highly appreciate feedback too!



Hey, this is a sequel to RMN Christmas Card 2017, which is a fan sequel to YDS' Rmn Christmas Card 2009 and Midsummer Dreams 2010.


I did not explain this well enough last time, apparently. Basically, this is a community game with people from rmn making cameos. You don't have to do anything, basically, you just tell me what you want to say in the game and I add you in.

You can, if you want to, but it is not necessary. Also, those of you who were in rmn christmas card 2017 will have the same sprite as last time unless you ask me to change it.

Also keep in mind that the sprites have to match the refmap style.


None yet

Let's Play Dress-Up

Here are the clothes.

It's simple. You give me the clothes you want and I dress-up the character.


Hoodies/Jackets/Vests/Sweaters - Outerwear
Tshirts/Shirts/Tank Tops - Innerwear
Pants/Shorts - Bottomwear

If you have any suggestions for cloting I'll probably update over time

The Severed Finger - A Discord Story

This is my new favorite discord chat story and I thought y'all may like it

BONUS (this was a sarcastic comment I made a little before the posts above :P)
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