SUCV - The Battle of Brownsea

after 20 minutes into the game i am only pressing enter because i am trying to defeat almost every plant in a path and it takes me about a minute to beat up at least 45 grasses, flowers and bushes so that i can assume that this path is safe. it really gets boring having to press "enter" or "space" or "z" when all that i want to do is beat up a plant.

The Cartographer

what is with the insanely high encounter rate? and battles are so slow.. and did i just get 75 exp from defeating the demon that says "you shall not pass".. kinda low for a boss right???

Estopolus: Requiem of Spirits

has anybody finished the game yet? cause if yes please tell the developer the glitches you've found.. i think this game has potential if polished properly..

p.s.. please make experience gain from monster balanced or make some stronger ones so that my heroes can level up.. i was level 13 and when i get exp from the mobs in the swamp they gave 100-200 exp (rough estimate) but my exp to level up is like thousands.. and please remove the bats in the ogre dungeon, lol.. annoying to encounter, gives no exp and money yet takes a lot of time to kill..

cant give any other feedback though I'm stuck at the bugged box.. i think i can't proceed because i need the box to press the button to open the gate.. i tried
loading an earlier save but still the box sticks to my heroes butt.. here are some ss, sorry no time to edit it got to go to work..

Estopolus: Requiem of Spirits

a box in the graveyard passage in the hidden village is bugged!.. if enter is pressed to push it, it will stick to your hero and will follow him but it disappears when you finish a battle..

Estopolus: Requiem of Spirits

good job in giving bats passive blind debuffs on their normal attacks.. are you trying to discourage people from playing your game? its hard navigating through the forest when you get blinded and have a limited supply... by the way are chests that were opened, close again after going to another map then coming back..

Esper Wing Chronicle

dunno if i'm gonna play this one, intro of the game is so short..
That's no excuse to not play a game, lol the size of the game isn't what's important, as even if it's only 5 minutes long, as long as it's good, who cares? :3

(Even if a game may suck, we can still have a good laugh while playing it~)

I'm guessing you have all the time in the world, unlike me i get to have at least 2 hours in a day to play that's why at least i want to know if the game i will play will be worth my 2hrs.


why is there no normal attack? are you telling me that when i have a stick in my hand i get silenced i will just guard? can i not use the stick to hit the enemies? I've been building my pet as physical damage type but when they don't hit him, it just guards; when it gets silenced it just guards... kinda frustrating right?

Blood Haze: Reborn

been trying to find asmodeus in the haunted mansion but after finding the father's ring and daughter's earring i think i fell into the basement but i cant find him i entered every room yet he is not there... im actually lvl 64 due to heavy grinding at arena lol... or does killing bosco before finishing my visit to th haunted mansion affect the quest?

Blood Haze: Reborn

@zach where can i find asmodeous? is it at the haunted mansion??

Chapter Two: Exorcism

hurry up please i cant seem to find the 3rd secret boss..
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