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Blade of Acrimony: Wish ...
Follow Anaya on her journey of self discovery.




Yeah, a lot of my early demo screenshots are like that. They were made before I knew how to make screenshots look good.

The full game will soon be done and released, so these older screenshots don't matter as much now anyway.


The animated looping GIF version of the laughing image used in game.

Blade of Acrimony

I don't want to just tell you the solution so I'll just give you a hint. There are 4 townsfolk between fighting Rachel and the siblings, and I designed it so there's a good (but not required) order to fight them in. I won't tell you the whole
order, but fight the fisherman first and fight Krista last.

Also, there's a fight between the dog and the mugger, it's hidden.


Oh thanks man, that works great. I'll delete this image shortly.


I'm trying to make it the background for my main page.
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