Greetings! I'm Fruebis. I am an introvert who enjoys gaming, drawing, and game design. However, when it comes to game design, I find that I make a game to learn more about game design, and once I've learned what I can, I lose interest.
Currently, I'm working on a game called Social Interactions. I started it a few years ago, but stopped when I hit a wall in the battle design. I've broken through that wall in my head, but... I've yet to actually figure out how to make it work in an RPG maker system.



Tristian: Lady of the Lion

I don't know if I'm the first to say it or not, but... If you've decided to cancel, then that's okie dokie. While I do admit seeing it cancelled is upsetting, it's better to move on from a project than to keep working on it when you don't want to.


Ooh, wow! Looks good!
One thing I might suggest, if you don't mind, is add either some size/shape variance, or color variance when it comes to the window. (I think it's a window, at least?) It's perfect-ness is a bit distracting in my opinion. However, it is, nonetheless, a really nifty picture, and I'm excited to see what's in store! ^^
I'm pretty sure I've been a silent stalker until now. Oops.

[RMVX ACE] More detailed character sprites?

Try putting your sprite in a larger square so that there's more space around it.
I hadn't thought about that! I'll certainly try it out and see if it works the way I want it to. ^^

You could also try a script that zooms a character sprite as well as other functions.
Personally, I've yet to find something like this, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

I personally use this in my project:

Another method, is designing tilesets that accomodate large-sized sprites.
Not really what I was looking for on the script, but it's still really interesting, and I've actually wondered if there was something like that.
I figure that, if I can manage to get the character sprites to work, I'll proceed to make a larger sprite sheet to go with.

[RMVX ACE] More detailed character sprites?

I can, and have. However, if your sprite is wider than normal, and you go completely to the left or right, and run into a wall, you'll notice you're character's sprite is past the wall. This is my only real problem with making larger sprites. (If you've never seen this before, try creating a test actor with one of the larger $ sprites, and run into a wall.)

[RMVX ACE] More detailed character sprites?

You can make a sprite literally any size you want.
I realize I can technically make the sprites as large or small as needed, and I've done so to put XP sprites into VX ACE, but if you move beside a wall and your sprite's larger than 32x32, you'll wind up overlapping, which is what I'm trying to avoid. To rephrase my question, Can I make a larger sprite, and then have it fit the 32x32 grid blocks, OR can I enlarge the grid blocks to fit the sprite sizes? (I'll go edit my original post to be more specific. Sorry for the confusion.)

[RMVX ACE] More detailed character sprites?

Hello, all.
For a while, I've been thinking of trying my hand at creating completely custom character sprites. However, I'm not a spriter myself. I work with large pictures most of the time, rather than itty-bitty ones. I thought about using the techniques I use in digital art to make sprites, but they always come out looking kinda silly (or at least pretty crude-looking) since they're so small. This leads me to my question: Is it possible to make larger-scaled characters (Say, doubled the size) and then have them fit properly into a single 32x32 grid space? Or at least enlarge the grid to be big enough that they fit in-game properly?
Thanks in advance.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

I thought this was all one big joke. "Goal 5: Giving people their achievement." Then having a week later "Goal 5: failed."

I'm a bit let down.

That would have been great. XD

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Wooaahh! Major congratulations to everyone involved! This was so much fun! And I fully intend to keep up the procrastination avoidance. Thanks again for the awesome event, and for the special achievement!

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

-huff puff- I've done it! I've stayed up way too late, but I've done it! I got some major help from a friend design-wise, and I'm really happy with the way it came out. the picture's a tad too big to put in a 'hide' box, so here's the link to it: Butters and Agrin

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

I guess my goal to complete Arcadia at Night is done? I'm not terribly pleased with the shortness of it, but there's only so much non-Arcadia-based news I can create while still making sense and being entertaining. I'd add Arcadia-based news, but that'd go against the rules of the segments. (Certain news pieces go in certain places.)
Edit: I guess I'll work on some line art and coloring for a picture I need to go done. I really want to keep working on AaN, but I really have no ideas. Merf.