Greetings! I'm Fruebis. I am an introvert who enjoys gaming, drawing, and game design. However, when it comes to game design, I find that I make a game to learn more about game design, and once I've learned what I can, I lose interest.
Currently, I'm working on a game called Social Interactions. I started it a few years ago, but stopped when I hit a wall in the battle design. I've broken through that wall in my head, but... I've yet to actually figure out how to make it work in an RPG maker system.


[RMVX ACE] More detailed character sprites?

Hello, all.
For a while, I've been thinking of trying my hand at creating completely custom character sprites. However, I'm not a spriter myself. I work with large pictures most of the time, rather than itty-bitty ones. I thought about using the techniques I use in digital art to make sprites, but they always come out looking kinda silly (or at least pretty crude-looking) since they're so small. This leads me to my question: Is it possible to make larger-scaled characters (Say, doubled the size) and then have them fit properly into a single 32x32 grid space? Or at least enlarge the grid to be big enough that they fit in-game properly?
Thanks in advance.

A Few Questions on Proper Game Making

Hello everyone! I'm making a game, as you probably guessed, and I would like to know your opinions on this.
Because of the way that the game is played, my original plan was to have one world map you could sail a ship around to get from area to area, and then one large map for each place that you could explore, rather than having a bunch of little maps. Of course, I thought this was a great and creative idea at first, but as I continue to think about it, I'm growing a tad worried that doing this will cause the exploration to get confusing, as you don't know if your in the west side of the forest, or the south side, since forest generally looks the same. If you could let me know which you think would be better, that would be helpful.

A different form of battle system? [Vx ACE]

Pardon the extremely vague subject title. I'm trying to figure out how to make a battle system that allows you to use a set number of attack points every round that you can use for your team members, whether all of them or just one, rather than forcing you to make one attack per character like the default does.
Sadly, I don't know what this system is called, so I'm not much help there. However, if you know of a system like this, please let me know. ^^ Thanks.
Edit: Even I admit the description of what i was looking for was ridiculous. Thank you, LightningLord2, for the simple way of putting it.

Battle options that change depending on switches

Hello all.
I'm making a battle system that, depending on whether switch X is on or not, you can access certain battle options. (Fight, Guard, Skills, Items, etc.)
I tried working on this myself, and it clearly won't work the way I tried it.
Is there any way to do this without having to find a battle script? I think it'd be easy, but I'm kinda stumped.

Events that follow behind you?

I'm working on a game that's somewhat similar to Until Dawn, and one of the things I've wanted to try for a while now is having your companions follow a block or two behind you, and not follow the exact walking pattern as you do.
I tried doing it with events... and failed. Is there a really simple way to do this that I just don't know about? Sorry if I'm not clear with what I'm trying to ask, I honestly know of no better way to word it.

Quick time events instead of battles

Hello again, all. I'm making a zombie battle game- one of three projects because I get boooreeddd- and was wondering if there was a way, other than pictures, timers, and events, to create a QTE. Reason why is, I could have the characters duke it out with a zombie hoard, but I think it could be a bit more realistic- due to the zombies having to punch you as their attack turn, because if they bite you, you're dead- and much cooler to simply give a quick, "Press X" or, "Move Right" to attack and avoid the shambling beasts. Is this possible? I know I saw something similar in a battle script once, where you did a QTE to activate skills.

Unlocking new weapons as you level up?

Hello there! I'm trying to figure out how, if it's possible, to unlock new weapon types as you level up. For instance, 'Maggie' is a ranger, so she uses bows to fight, but when she reaches level 10, she can use daggers as well. I would simply copy the dagger-type weapons and paste them into the bow-style weapons, but if 'Clara' uses daggers, I would want her to be able to use them too. At the same time, I can't simply add daggers to the weapons 'Maggie' can use, because what if she gets a dagger before she reaches level ten?
I've tried to figure this out manually, but I can't manage to. If you know how to allow certain classes to use specific weapons after they reach level X, then let me know.
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