I am a Rpg, and Platformer game creator. I enjoy a few sports, and vido gaming. Not to fond of todays TV shows. I am a huge Spyro the dragon fan.


What kind of Rpg do you make?

There are many types of Rpgs, which of the following do you usually make?

Story Driven: Lack of much combat, but a story that takes place most of the game. Usually scripted or basically there to tell the story of the heroes.
Around 40+ hours long around 20 without sidequests or slightly less.

Personality Rpg:Like the above, except the story is crafted around the characters and their personalities and you view the game through the characters instead of an overall story. Around the same length as the above.

Combat Story Rpg: Where you let the story reach the player and let them use their imagination as plot point are revealed while playing the game by talking to people. Can be around the same length as the above or even around 10 Hours long.

Action Game: Story? We give you an excuse to play the game generic or original, throw you in, and you just start playing. Maybe there are scenes that do tell a little bit more what' going on, or maybe not. Some game can be around 5 hours long or more.

To The Point Rpgs Story: A game that focuses on the story and tells it through without lagging or fillers or even other views. You play the game as the story unfold even during certain fights and it continues with the story without much exploration or whatnot and once the story ends the game is over. Like a story book. Games can be around 2 hours or more in this catergory.

To the Point Rpgs Action: Here's the bad guy? See him? Go kill him... NOW... in action paced combat until you reach his level/area/etc. and the game ends. Around the same game as above.

Wrpg: Games choices change certain conditions in the game that may or may not make your progress easier or harder without a story book plot as the story can change even slightly. Can be any length

Experimental Rpgs: Trying a new idea? Cross-overs? A made up way of moving? Trying to make a platformer? Etc? That what this is.

Closed-Rpg: An Rpg that focuses on detailed, but a linear progression, that sometimes may allow a form of exploration, but more contained.

Open-Rpg: A great sense of exploration. Bigger areas, can or might not be complicated. May be more empty, might be more of a grinder, might be areas with lots of buildings etc.

Strict Rpg: Whether big or small, once you get to certain parts of the game. You can't go back. You must follow the game the way it is presented to you.

Mind Rpg: Usually tries to add more than just combat, story. Might be exploration for items to unlock other areas, throwing in puzzles or mini games, changing characters which may play differently, side missions that require anything but running around or battling, etc. All thrown in for more game variety. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Arcade Rpg: Games that have a short story focus or combat focus that is meant to get you through areas quickly relying on your reactions or how well you can tell what would work in the next situation coming up. May or may not have a timers. Usually short. Story based ones are usually simple. Combat based ones usually just send you out. From dungeon crawling to etc.

Which of these or which combination of these do you guys usually use in your Rpg games?

Easy Sprite Request

So this is a very simple request that shouldn't take long, I would do it but I have a problem with VX's tileset restrictions, and the fact I can't draw that samll.

All I want is something like the above (But that's just an example picture, don't make it like that.) I need a purple wizard with the usual wizard rope in all poses set-up to be used in VX. Just make it very simple, use paint, doesn't matter I am trying to go for an old school approach here.

It's clear Enterbrain doesn't care about security

So RPgmaker Ace was released a bit recently, and already there are hundreds of sites online providing download for it. Apparently, the games can be cracked the SAME WAY as the last 2 games.

Last I checked, Enterbrains profits in that area have be inconsistent. Have they ever actually though why? I mean you failed 3 times in a row? How is that even possible? Do they even want people to buy their engines? What about people like me and maybe a few people here who brought it? It's almost insulting that we paid for it (almost insulting, I still paid for it.) since they seem so keen on having the same flaws in their game creation programs.

Excuse me it's 4 times in a row now.

Tileset request for Rpg Maker VX.

I have a simple request, I need someone to alter the Rpg Maker VX tilesets (A-D) but make them look older in graphics. Make it the tileset look like I was running it with Dos or something. Can anyone do that?

Question for the RMNians

So say you where looking through newly submitted games and all of a sudden you see a game that look decent but the only way to find out of course is to download it.

but then you see the game is over 1GB in size.

Would you still download the game to check it out or would the large file size make you do a 360 and moonwalk away?

An RMN rpg.

Ok so before I left making games here there was a game that was on here I can't find and I do not remember the name.

it was awhile ago, apparently the creator called it the greatest game ever and everyone started attacking him on it.

it had like colorful heroes or something killing ovals that game was funny as hell but I searched for it and can't find it.

it got re-released here like 3 times I believe. Anyone remember that game and the name?

The game looked like MS paint if that helped.

Spyro is that you?! New Spyro


Wait, wait, *Breaths" Crash hasn't been completely killed yet. I CAN LIVE!

Well Spyro, after a horrible reboot i never thought I would see THIS. I now can officially announce the death of Spyro. From the looks of it, there is nothing hey can do to kill him anymore. He is gone. But Crash is starting to look like his older self as sen in his Ipod games but Spyro, you had some good games. But I am afraid this is the end. *Sniff.* In the meantime, Insomniac still has Ratchet and Clank to play.

R.I.P. Spyro 1998-2011

Rpg Maker VX/XP limit.

What are the Map limits for VX/XP? Such as how many tiles/Events/etcetera can be on the map before the game runs slowly and become unplayable? Because if you can make 500x500 size maps than there must be work arounds. Thanks in advance.

Online connections

Hey. I was wondering if it is possible in any Rpg maker to add a online multi=plsayer scri[pt to a game. So you can play wit or against people online. Reason why I asked is that I have a game I made awhile ago with many 400x400 maps and they are great adventure fields for MMO tyep rpgs. (Dorry bout the spelling I can't let the pwofessor see I am on the computer.)

Videos in Rpg maker 2003

What are the requirements to install movies in rpg maker 2003? Also, is there away to do this in later versions? Also, is it possible to play a video as an intro before the title screen? Thanks.
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