Path Finding

Damn, I really hoped to get around this problem :/
Guess I'll remove the 2step-terrain then and simply "draw" a line between actor and target and let the actor move within it's range. Obstacles should be avoided as there are no MoveCells on them. Maybe i'll keep the 2step-terrain and have a somewhat stupid AI :D

Thanks a lot for the help and the really great tutorials. (If you want to improve them you could show the amount of variables needed and how you named them in your introduction. Would have helped me, but with the sample projects it worked out quite well.)

Path Finding

Hey Kazesui,
great tutorials :)
But i discovered a flaw in Dijkstra's algorithm :/ If there are too many events on the map (at the moment i have ~120 Events, 10 for playable characters, 20 for foes, Rest MoveCells) it starts lagging like hell and the game freezes for 1-2sec.
(Btw this effect occurs also, if i put 120 empty events in your sample project and run the algorithm. Distance is 19 tiles and the map is 30x30)
I put all the events at 0,0, but it doesnt seem to help. Is there a workaround for it? Or might this be the case because of my old laptop (512Mb RAM)? Sadly i can't test it on another system at the moment.
Hope this is the right place and excuse my bad english pls :P
(i'm german :) ) And sorry for this wall of text :/
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