Best DS Games

Well, I would recommend Kirby Superstar Ultra, because I bought it myself and it's pretty great. Although, it only took me 2 weeks (of casual playing) to get the 100% and beat all the new additions to the game. If you're wanting some games that will keep you busy, then I would definitely recommend FFIV and Tactics A2.

What annoys you in a game?

Another thing that tends to annoy me about a few video games is that you have to work so hard to get through the game and to defeat the final boss, but you get an ending that is extremely short-lived and seems like it was thrown together at the last minute. One of the games that comes to mind is Dark Cloud.

Sometimes a game has the potential to be so cool, but the strange graphics just completely turn me away from it. Like in FF3 and Flyff(MMO by gPotato) the characters look chibi-fied. It seems like sometimes the graphics are made for a different audience than the game is.

What annoys you in a game?

Basically the only thing I hate about most games are the awkward and terrible camera angles. Also, I'm not a fan of games based around a love story that is corny beyond belief, such as FF10 and FF10-2.

What do YOU want for Christmas v2.0

A car and the motivation to start scripting again.

[Full Game] Komarimono / Scapegrace [Visual Novel]

Wow, I gotta say this is a pretty unique idea. I never would've thought of a Visual Novel in RMXP. The idea sounds great and the screenshots are beautiful. I'm definitely gonna give this game a play or two.

What comes to mind from the username above you?

Killing oneself.

What comes to mind from the username above you?

Chaos, darkness.


Oh, yea, my bad about the "32-bit" thing, I meant 32x32. And I didn't even know about the layers.

But with those kind of colors it's a lot harder to make characters. Oh, it has a front-view battle system and a (I think anyways) pretty good RTP.


Wow, I had to read that post like 10 times to understand it. And the only beneifts are what Ryethe said. It has better looking graphics (32-bit tiles) and the scripting ability. It brought back the vehicle system that was in 2k3 and has icons you can use for weapons, armor, and skills (you can make your own custom icons too). One disadvantage is that theres only 1 layer for map editing. But you'll only find out for yourself. Grab the demo.

The Sword or the Pen: Your Character's Weapon Preference in RPGs

1. What weapon selections are available in your RPG's ?

Well generally a few blunt, short-ranged weapons (like swords, axes, club, knuckles/gloves) and very few long-range weapons (like bows, boomerangs, darts).

2. Do you plan to break away from the stereotypical “boy with a sword” in your RPG, if so then why. If not why do you believe that a sword is a useful choice of weaponry even in an environment ruled by futuristic technology?

No, I don't and I'll answer why in the next question. And I can't really think of any futuristic game that has swords as the main weaponry...

3. Why do you believe swords constantly appear with RPG's despite the innovation seen in our modern day?

I think the sword represents a lot of things. Courage and bravery, valor, leadership, adventure. It's also a symbol of strength. If you're savvy enough to swing around a sword with a bit of technique thrown in there, I'd say you're pretty strong.

I think another reason is because a lot of RPGs were created to escape the real world and tell stories of their own world. Plus, developers have been making games like this for so long, why screw up a good thing?
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