NPC Dialogue.

It's hard to come up with because generally, in the real world, you don't walk up to everybody and talk to 'em. In the older RPGs like FF 1-6, Grandia, etc., I remember that the majority of the NPCs tell you random (sometimes important) facts about the world they're in. Or they'll talk about things like the mayor/king of the town/city/village and his/her history or lineage. They'll also tell you different facts about the system mechanic like "Did you know if you hit (this) in battle it (does this)?" Sometimes they'll just talk about completely random things concerning themselves like "My daughter ate a bunch of chocolate and now I can't get her to calm down," or "I put these clothes out to dry this morning, bu they just refuse to air out."

Free MIDI Creation App

Does anyone know of any free MIDI composition/creation software? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Top Ten Final Fantasy Boss Themes

My favorite has always been Battle with Gilgamesh/Battle on the Big Bridge from FFV(Not the Black Mages version, the original).

And who could forget Otherworld from FFX?

Screenshot Shogunate

Wow, that monopoly game looks awesome. I could lose myself for hours playing it.

Well, I figured I'd throw something in here. This is a game I've been working on for awhile now, but basically I've been trying to change the scripts as much as I can so I can say their mine.

All the scripts the screens are mine except the battle script.

Question about rm2k event problem

author=GameOverGames Productions link=topic=1676.msg26507#msg26507 date=1218000637
Event Overlap is a mistranslation. It causes other events to be unable to overlap it.

...That would explain my problem. I'm an idiot.

Question about rm2k event problem

Well, I tried that but for some strange reason the switch wouldn't allow the pillar to overlap. I tried setting the 'Allow Event Overlap' on both by themselves then both at the same time and neither seemed to work.

Question about rm2k event problem

Oh, you wanted it for the action key? Well the pic I posted was if you pressed the directional button, but for action key I guess just use 'Push Key' for the Event Start condition.

Question about rm2k event problem

Do you want the pillar to move automatically when you push the direction button, or do you want the player to have to press the decision key?

EDIT: Alright, I've got it. The only thing is, the switch needs to be a part of the chipset. I can't get the events to overlap, even though I checked the options for "Event Overlap" on the switch and pillar.

Anyways, this is what I did for the pillar (except I used a chair) and it worked great. It moved whenever you pressed the directional button towards it, and even better is that it actually looks like he's pushing it. I'm still trying to get it to go overtop a switch as an event, but I don't think it's possible (although I'm not experienced with RM2k). The Passage on the switch needs to be set to O.

Your RM Preference

It seems like everyone chose what they're more comfortable with, which is 100% understandable. For instance, if you're already master at RM2k3 and you can do everything that you need to do, there's really no point in moving on. I have to say that's why I chose XP, because it's something I have more experience with.


Welcome to RMN! Hope you enjoy it here. Good luck with your site and forum.

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