Free MIDI Creation App

Does anyone know of any free MIDI composition/creation software? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your RM Preference

Alright, I'm sure there's already a topic like this somewhere in the forums, and if not then I am pretty surprised.

The question is, in your opinion, which of the RPG Makers are the best? I guess what I mean is which RPG Maker is more suited than the others for making an RPG? Or, are you still waiting for a better Maker?

My Opinion:
In my opinion, I think RPG Maker XP is the best. The scripting system being the main reason, but there are other things I like about it. Like the 4-frame (16 total) charsets (which allow for more detail) and the fact that you don't have to scrunch 8 characters into 1 set.This makes them easier to edit. I also like the introduction of the icons. But, unlike VX, you can use individual icon instead of having a sheet.

However, I think it's lacking a few features from the others. For instance, I hate the fact that they removed the vehicle system. And I think the 'Two Swords Style' option in VX would've worked out great in XP.

So, which maker is your favorite and why?

Resource Categories

Well, in the process of making my game I used the FaceMaker program to make faces for the RMXP RTP characters. But I don't see a Pictures/Other category for XP or even a Faceset category for 2k/3. Also, I found quite a few icons for XP. Where should I submit these resources?

EDIT: And if I can't submit them, could I post them any where?


Well, I keep gaining and losing interest for RPG Maker, but I'm hoping this forum will help me keep interest. The main RPG Maker I use is XP, and I've made a few scripts. I hope to be a full-fledged scripter everntually, hoping this place will help get me there. Eh, other things about me... I'm quite the techie. I work at Walmart as a part-time job during school, hahaha. I'm a senior in HS. My favorite sport is hackysack.

EDIT: By the way, if I wanted to post a script... where would I post it?
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