Hi there,
My name is Rosa
and I love Tacos and ice cream and ... basically everything with love in it.
ummm What was I going to do?




Wow, your art style sure has improved!! I must play this again!

Help Center

I mustttt download this.


Everything Will Be Fine

Cool! I'll play it!

Scaredy Cat

I was looking for cute games just like yours... But Every time I download It It wont work :(
well there is dreaming mary. you could try it out. there are no elements unless you are an explorer. also try "the last door by kongregate if you dont mind spiritual references. there is no download on the last door but there is on dreaming mary. dreaming mary is a file in itself adn==nd dosent need rpg maker 2003 to work so id say its a good one.

I have played dreaming Mary... But anyway thanks for this message , I didn't play 'the last door' I will check it out soon

Scaredy Cat

This game is so cute!!!! IM LOVING IT!!! Btw thank you poopoose for helping me out there! I must be blind then!!! Sorry for taking ages to reply!


Yes there is an error on this one, ill fix that soon

Very Pink Game

Hey, I downloaded the game and I keep getting this error message "the RPG maker 2003 runtime package is not present or registered" How can I fix this? I really want to play the game.
Sadly it won't open for me :(, sound interesting though
Are sure you have unzipped it? If not you have to unzip it before you open it or errors will come up. When you open Winzip or what ever you have got on the top you can see a button that says "un zip" wait a little then click downloads in your documents then click a very pink game then click the sword icon and DONE.
I had that error before but a good friend helped me out.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Plus now it's
Me patra's close to get 145,000

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

144,099 downloads O_O
+ me downloading...

Ikr thats ALOT of downloads

Me parta s lucky

+ that's what I call ALOT of downloads
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