What are the most simple battle systems that still work well?

I'm not good enough at programming/eventing to create a really flashy combat system, so I'm exploring the concept of emergent complexity, and creating something very mechanically simple which still produces fun gameplay.

How do you produce emergent complexity in a battle system? What are some games which do this well?

Any libertarians here?

oh! what an original political opinion then.
I wouldn't call it original, it's just the result of thinking objectively for myself what the various forms of government require and entail.

Democracy in my opinion only functions when the people are smart and well-informed. If the people are stupid and/or ignorant (and most of the time they are), the next best choice is a constitutional monarchy with a good monarch as that completely eliminates public opinion from the political equation while also limiting the monarch via a constitution.

It's basically deciding who to place the burden of responsibility on: The head of state and government, or the people?

Though Japan's emperor is somewhat similar to the Queen in England, i.e. constitutional monarchy. ?

The two are indeed constitutional monarchies, but the similarities end there.

Japan's emperor holds no actual power or influence, he's just a ceremonial head of state and icon who's there just because of tradition. You could remove the entire royal family of Japan and we wouldn't know the difference even if we were told.

On the other hand, while I admit I'm not too familiar with the UK constitutional monarchy, the monarchs of the UK hold considerable influence on a global scale and, I presume, power beyond that of ceremonial ones. The UK without the monarch would be like a headless chicken, so to speak.

Indeed, it seems you're not too familiar with the UK constitutional monarchy. Just as the Japanese Emperor is merely the ceremonial head of state, the Queen has no real power in Britain or the Commonwealth. In a technical, legal sense, she can bypass parliament to declare war, amongst other powers, but she never actually utilises these powers without formal backing from parliament - and would probably get ousted if she did.

As for Libertarianism, there aren't many British Libertarians. I am certainly not one of them. I like my National Health Service, comprehensive education and all the other public services that I utilise regularly. I think you'd have to be either very silly or very rich to want to privatise all those things.

Zach Furr Sonic Sprites

I found some more on the Mystical Forest Zone site, but some of them are lacking in quality. You'll need to retouch them.

Item addiction? (RMVX)

I want my game to have a healing item that restores an ally's health, but increases dependency so that an addicted character will suffer an overall reduction in HP if they don't use one of these items every once in a while. If the character doesn't take it for a long period of time, dependency should gradually reduce.

Is there a script for this? Any way to event it?

Can games be art?

Some games are art:

But not all.

Is a character appearance customisation system possible in XP/VX?

I'm curious as to whether anybody has created a scripted system that allows the player, at the start of the game, to choose the appearance of their main character to a basic degree - hair style/colour, eye colour, skin colour, and maybe attire.

I'm assuming it's impossible or highly impractical, but it would be interesting to see such a system implemented into an RPG Maker game.


Or meaby you would like this:

Multiple love interests in a serious rpg... Does it work?

An example of a commercial game that has multiple romantic interests is Dragon Age, which had four potential partners to choose from. I think they did a really good job of it, the dialogue was compelling and believable. Their approval level increases little-by-little depending on your choices in dialogue and in the story (dropping when you do something they disapprove of), with certain dialogue options enabling you to initiate a romance and pursue it until they fall in love with you.

Romance, when done in a compelling and believeable fashion, can add a lot of flavour and interest to a game. If the player becomes attached to a character, they will be more determined to complete the game so that they can see what becomes of the couple after the ending.

However, I would imagine that it would be quite a feat for a casual developer to successfully include an extensive romantic element to the game for multiple characters. I suppose that's the main reason why you don't see it done very often.

If I actually got around to making an RPG at some point, I'd love to include multiple romance options into the game.

Real life rpg

I have to admit, I would probably enjoy a LARP if it was good and I was offered the opportunity.


Lol? The only difference I see is the color of the glasses and the hair, but young Gary had the same hair as far as I know:

By the way: Just because your friend is 2 metres taller than Coleman does not mean that is a major difference. ;-)

The face is a totally different shape, the nose is thinner, the ears are different, his forehead is different, his eyebrows are different.

Seriously everything is different. |:
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