The Vendor
Turn a profit and indirectly save the world



The Vendor Review

Thank you very much for the detailed review, CashmereCat. I have to admit that I find myself agreeing with all the things you point out about the game, which is actually quite reassuring. With the remake (or reimagining?) of the game, these are all things which I'm spending a lot of time either updating, replacing, or adding to the game. Which means I am still in touch with what fans of the concept itself would most likely enjoy :)

The Vendor

I've read the credits and I don't understand how to do the code..

The secret code must be input after selecting "New Game". When the logo screen appears (white background, blue logo), press and hold down DOWN, then Interact (default Z or ENTER) and finally Menu (default X or ESCAPE). A (too) loud scream will play if done right, and your choice in character for this new game will be very different from before.

Sneak peek at the visual Battle Scene

There will be a mix of RTP and original art; completely original art for the whole game is outside of the scope. But all the heroes will be custom drawn, there will be custom music, animations will obviously not be the default placeholders, and there'll be other stuff too.

Interactive Messages

That works just fine :) They're color coded differently, too. Have a look:


That'd be my good old friend, Lorem Ipsum the placeholder text :D


Items that are mentioned in text will be selectable, showing a relevant tooltip for them.

Compendium of Creatures

Thank you for the kind words, mate! :)

The Vendor Review

Thank you very much for the review! I greatly appreciate the feedback you've provided, too. Very good stuff. I'm working on the expanded version of the game which will be commercial and published by Degica (with a free demo version accompanying it), and as I'm going through the game's system and mechanics, feedback like this is very valuable. You've pretty much touched on all the core areas I'm working on improving and/or redesigning, but it's reassuring to know I'm "on the right path", in that you're mentioning these very same things.

Thanks for playing, and again, thank you for the detailed review :)

The Vendor - The future

Thank you. I'm not sure on that yet, actually. What I've been tinking I'd like to do is update the free version with the new features and make it into the demo for the full game: I think that could work out nicely. I definitely am going to have a demo, because personally I'm a big fan of trying out games before I buy, and a good demo is always appreciated by me.

The Vendor

Thank you ArtBane! Looking forward to reading your review of the game.

I've got some pretty exciting news to share with everyone about The Vendor real soon. Once the details are worked out, I'll make an announcement post :)
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