JSON Encoder/Decoder

Hmm...I've been taught JSON before, but never got around it as to when to use it. What ideal situation would this be better to use than simply writing your own formatted string algorithms for reading data between compilers.

I actually wrote this for a friend's game. I have a special DLL I created in C and it gets called within the game. What this does is grabs user data from the forum in JSON format and this script will parse it. I can't think of any other actual situations as to why this would be useful, but thats why its a scripters tool, thats for other people who might need this to decide.

Fixing up Adalyn

Hey the new HUD idea looks great! If you need someone to script it, lemme know.

Quest Log

Nice quest log indeed! Probably the most clean one I have found for RMXP.
thanks for making this :)

Ha thanks. :3 4.0 should come in the next week or so. It'll be way nicer than this version.

Quest Log

If there are no quests, an error comes up. Otherwise, it's great.

Yeah I'm aware. It'll be fixed in version 4.0. Which is going to be a huge revamp, redesign and have more features.

RMN4 is here!

Very nice. Its so awesome that there's a script section. Thats where I excel. I've already submitted several scripts, some are still pending. :3

Improving Your Title Screen

How can I change the command choices in VX?

Theres a script at the top called Words or Vocab. Can't remember. Should be in there somewhere.

The Demo is Up!

demo what demo? D8
*waits for it anxiously*

Tis pending :P


Theres a bug. I got through the cave and onto the map where the girl is. It just keeps replaying the scene when the bird finds her there. Then it puts me back at the house.

ARC (New Engine Approaching)

No. Its how the game was made. ARC is running this RMXP project.,75.0.html
Sorry for my immense stupidity, but this is like a default project, whenever you make a new one?
Still looks awesome though.

No its not a default project. Its a demo of the engine. Its not ready to be used yet. When you create a new project it'll be much like the one created in RMXP.

ARC (New Engine Approaching)

Yes. We plan on having a working version for Mac and Linux. The editor is built in python which is cross platform. The engine is in C++ but it should still run on any other OS. We just haven't built the engine for another OS yet.