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Death Spikes
Have spikes that hurt you as you step onto them at the wrong time.
02/15/2010 07:04 PM
Mark and Recall
Remember the Mark and Recall spells from Morrowind?
02/19/2010 08:09 PM
Highscore Tracking System
Easily keep track of highscores and add new ones!
02/19/2010 09:43 PM
8 Way Movement
Tired of the boring 4 way movement? Look no further for a simple 8 way event system!
02/20/2010 07:04 PM
Ice Puzzles
Did you ever love those sliding ice puzzles in Pokemon?
02/27/2010 04:45 PM
Pokemon Encounter System
Easy to create Pokemon like encounter system.
06/24/2010 09:07 PM
Improving Your Title Screen
Make your title screen snazzy with a few tricks.
03/22/2011 06:40 PM
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