This here form looks pretty interestin'. I might just get around to filling this in for y'all sometime*.

*sometime does not in any way implicate that this form will ever be filled out
Barbarians and the Necro...
Oldschool Castlevania platforming romp


Addition to Notices filtering

Could a filter be added to Notices that shows only games that you have a developer role in? Would help with responding to feedback on your own games while subscribed to other active projects.


Disallow registration of accounts that start with "demond", thanks.

RM2k3 Double Battle Speed Hack (Release)

â•' RM2K3 Double Battle Speed v2.0â•'

Several hours of Elton John later, here is the improved RM2k3 speed hack!
Version 2.0 of the improved battle speed hack released. Should now have better compatibility.

Now it only doubles the speed in battle. Only coded for and tested on English v1.8 RPG_RT.exes, probably won't work for others! (Although if you need it for a different version of RPG_RT.exe, send me a copy of the RPG_RT.exe and I'll make a version just for that particular one.) If you experience any crashing, unexpected behavior, or it fails to do anything, please send me the name of the game you were playing and a copy of its RPG_RT.exe.

I'm especially interested in hearing whether it works in Vista or Windows 7 right now (though I'm to lazy to open up either in VirtualBox unless I find out there are problems), since getting them to allow the dll to read process memory is annoying. If you use it on either of those please tell me if it works/doesn't work. Latest update should work fine on both! You might have to set the game and injector to Windows XP compatibility mode though (I didn't on Windows 7 Home Premium).

If your antivirus has overly sensitive heuristic scanning, it will probably detect the downloads as malware, (dll injection has the potential to be used for malevolent purposes). All downloads are scanned by me with ClamWin and the latest dev build of Kaspersky before uploading, so as far as I'm concerned they are virus free. (actually, I use the actual daily dev build of their virus removal tool which is way better, but this should give you some quick peace of mind if your antivirus doesn't)

List of Tested Games:
Hero's Realm
Paradise Blue
Cavern of Doom
Demon's Gate
The Tiamat Sacrament
None yet!

For the download with the included injector:
1. Copy all of the files into the folder of the game you want to play.
2. Double click "Inject and Play.bat", and the game will be opened up in windowed mode.
3. The injector will be opened up beside it, all you have to do is hit the inject button.
4. Click on the game and continue playing.
Note: If your computer is really really slow, click on the game window and let it get to the title screen before injecting. Otherwise the dll might be injected too soon, and won't actually speed up the battles.

For the download with the MHS injector:
1. Start the RPG_RT.exe of the game you're going to play
2. Run MHS.exe (no need to make more than once copy of this one, stick it in one convenient spot)
3. Click on File > Open Process, then select RPG_RT.exe
4. Go to Tools > DLL Injector
5. Click browse, and find the included "RM2k3 SpeedHack.dll"
6. Click on Inject, and if it succeeds press close
7. Play game

Double Battle Speed Hack Injectable DLL + Injector (quick and easy to run version):

Double Battle Speed Hack Injectable DLL + MHS Injector (slightly more involved version):

Double Battle Speed Hack Source Code:

The included program is a pretty good generic dll injector, and I choose it because of it's command line functions, but if you would prefer to use your own, it should be compatible with any good generic dll injector. If you use your own, call the GetAddress() function, and if it only returns zeros, your injector is not compatible. I've used all three of the ones that have popped up in this thread extensively though, and I'm pretty sure they are malware free, unlike most dll injectors you'll find out there.

The alternate DLL injector is part of L. Spiro's Memory Hacking suite, which I used during the early stages of this hacks development. If your antivirus goes haywire from the last one and refuses to let you inject the dll, try this one (as MHS is specifically designed for hacking programs that don't want to be hacked, it's hard to detect). I personally recommend MHS, but the first download is set up to be quicker and easier to run.

If you are still having trouble injecting the dll, make sure you are following the instructions exactly, make sure that your antivirus doesn't stop dll injections, and right click and go to properties for each of the injector executables and press the unblock button if there is one. Also, make sure the injector has administrative privileges, although with the latest update it should work fine without them.

I'll see about patching a copy of RPG_RT.exe to make it load the hack automatically, for quicker use and if anyone who still uses RM2k3 wants to include it in their game. All the dll patchers I've found so far though create a jump in the assembly code that loads the dll before resuming the normal load operations, and there's no way that will work with a speedhack. The speedhack dll has to be loaded after everything else, you see.

There really should be a better place for me to post this then Help & Requests!

My Cure for the Rm2k3 Speed Issues

I give you the cure for slow walk speed, slow text speed, slow menu scroll speed, slow ATB, and everything slow about RM2k3 (and other RPGMakers if need be)!

1. Start the RPG_RT.exe of the game you are going to play
2. Run MHSRM2k3Edition.exe
3. Go to File -> Open Process
4. Open RPG_RT.exe (though actually you can open any process and apply this to it,)
5. Bring the game back up

F1 Key is normal game speed, F2 key is double game speed, F3 Key is triple game speed

Set that ATB bar to wait and crank up that speed up in battle, enjoy!

I've only used this with rpgmaker games on two Windows XP computers, so I don't guarantee that this will work on a newer 64-bit OS.

This is all thanks to L. Spiro's wonderful memory hacking tool.

Huzzah! I hath returned!

The following list of unfortunate consecutive events should provide ample explanation.

Hard drive failure- one week of reinstalling OS on a different hard drive, recovering data, and searching for drivers (during this time my new internet company finally set me up)
Wireless tower hit by lightning- three days
House hit by lightning, router ruined because it's not on a grounded circuit- one day
Wireless company refuses to tell me the static ip and dns server information, service guy was supposed to show up eventually- two weeks and two and a half days

So what'ss happenin?

Edit: Hellion 1.0 must go play

Alas, I Must Bid Thee Farewell

I doest hereby proclaim that I shalt be unable to equip magical communication artifacts, or indeed even have access to any, until Monday or Tuesday.

Thou art to take this proclamation to heart in my absence.

The Paged Comments Are Annoying the Heck Out of Me

The way the comments on things in RMN3 works is extremely unwieldy. You have to scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the last page of the comments, then scroll down to the bottom of the page again to see new comments. Even if you're never going to make it show the last page of comments upon entering the page, at the least could you make it to where when you click on a page of comments it jumps back down to an anchor at the comments? Also, after posting a new comment it would be better for the last page of comments to be show instead of the first.

I don't know if you were going to make the comments interface easier to use when you were going to get around to updating them to be editable and such, but at the moment navigating through them is time consuming.

Submission/Makerscore Issues

After you delete a game download, it stays in the Submission list as 'None', linking back to the Submission list.

Also, either the makerscore process is off again, or deleted game downloads continue to give makerscore.

RMN's Ability to Perform Basic Math is Fixed

I've had a feeling that somehow this is off, so I copied my Makerscore values into Excel and added them together.

Makerscore Earned

Equals 338, not 270.

Original Text:

Name Status Date Submitted Makerscore Earned
PixulaAtomata Tech Demo Accepted 3/29/2009 16:33 20
This Highly Evolved Group of Pixels has Recovered from Two M-Ext Accepted 3/29/2009 16:30 2
A Little Poking and Prodding to Speed Things Up Accepted 3/29/2009 16:27 2
When the Game is Left Running for Hours, a Stable Screen-Coverin Accepted 3/29/2009 16:25 2
Early Stage of a Game Accepted 3/29/2009 16:23 2
PixulaAtomata (Tech Demo) Accepted 3/29/2009 16:20 20
The Never Ending Maze of Death-Download Accepted 3/20/2009 13:24 20
B.L.O.B. RS!Day Demo Accepted 3/20/2009 9:50 20
So Close! Accepted 3/20/2009 1:49 2
You Know You Want A Room Like This Accepted 3/20/2009 1:46 2
The Holy Shrine Accepted 3/20/2009 1:45 2
The Never Ending Maze of Death Accepted 3/20/2009 1:42 20
Avoid’in The Sting Accepted 3/11/2009 18:04 2
Surprisingly Sand Free Accepted 3/10/2009 23:30 2
Is it wrong that you do 17747 damage in the prologue? Accepted 3/10/2009 17:49 2
Creating an Automatic Backup for your projects Accepted 2/17/2009 17:58 20
Good Thing This Suit Has Oxygen Tanks Accepted 1/13/2009 21:07 2
Falling Down Endless Holes is Bad for Your Health Accepted 1/13/2009 21:06 2
They Won't Be Getting Free Anytime Soon Accepted 1/13/2009 21:05 2
Quick, Up Before the B.L.O.B.s Disappear! Accepted 1/13/2009 21:04 2
Testing Out The B.L.O.B. Accepted 1/13/2009 21:03 2
B.L.O.B. Title Screen Accepted 1/13/2009 21:02 2
B.L.O.B. Accepted 1/13/2009 21:00 20
Odd. Missing Article? Should show Running Rm2k\2k3 in Testplay Without Editor + Other Paremeters Accepted 12/10/2008 18:52 20
Patch for RSDay Version Accepted 9/24/2008 17:17 20
Ice Puzzle-First Floor Accepted 9/22/2008 18:26 2
Mediafire Download, Special RSDay Edition Accepted 9/22/2008 18:25 20
Firey Rock Puzzle of Doom Accepted 9/22/2008 18:24 2
Green Water Cave Accepted 9/22/2008 18:23 2
Riddle Me This Accepted 9/22/2008 18:23 2
Mistahalin Accepted 9/22/2008 18:19 2
Rostake Cave Accepted 9/22/2008 18:17 2
Ice Puzzle-Third Floor Accepted 9/22/2008 18:16 2
Gnome City Accepted 9/22/2008 18:14 2
Scanning Enemies Accepted 9/22/2008 18:10 2
Title Screen With Crapped Up Scythes Accepted 9/22/2008 18:02 2
A Grim Tale Accepted 9/22/2008 17:59 20
Odd. Missing Article? Should be Creating A Game Launcher for any Executable Accepted 8/25/2008 17:38 20
Over The Pacific-1944 Final Version Accepted 6/17/2008 23:52 20
Late Wave-Main Gun Upgrade 2 Accepted 6/17/2008 23:33 2
Early Wave Accepted 6/17/2008 23:30 2
Title Screen Accepted 6/17/2008 23:28 2
Over the Pacific-1944 Accepted 6/17/2008 23:25 20

It appears to me that my Makescore did not increase from my last set of submissions (that should have increase it by a total of 48, with another 20 unaccounted for).

Question on Game Comments

Why has the order of comments on game pages been changed from newest to oldest to oldest to newest? I liked it the other way, with the newest comments at the top of the page.
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