My real name's Paul Dela Cruz. I live in central Florida, and I am currently attending community college here. As for my hobbies and aspirations, I love to design computer games in my free time. My longest game project published so far is called Sword of Light III. My most recently published game project is called Blox Trapper, and it is a mobile game that has been published to the Google Play Store.

Blox Trapper
Also available on Google Play!

The Games I Made :: a playlist on

This is a playlist of all the games I have made here at RMN.

The Sword of Light III (...
The Sword of Light trilogy ends with this new 2-hour RPG sequel!
Sword of Light II (Seque...
Sword of Light II is the new sequel of the Sword of Light mini-rpg with a slightly longer play time (35-45 minutes, not including end game content).
Operation: Bulletfire
A simple 2D FPS made by a group of high-school boys.
Sword of Light Mini-RPG
Sword of Light is a mini-RPG with a fairly short play time (30-45 minutes). The majority of the game you'll be battling monsters, using spells, attacking enemies, and leveling up.