Legend of Legaia

Hey guys, currently doing a playthrough of Legend of Legaia. This is in my opinion one of the most underrated and least known of the rpgs out there for the playstation one. I'm streaming my progress so if you'd like to stop by to check out the game and say hi then feel free! I'd appreciate a follow as well! Underrated games are my theme for the month so I'll be taking user feedback for what games they think deserve to get played! Cheers!

GamerBlair on Twitch


I think it would look nicer if the character windows were moved next to the menu selections instead of way over on the right of the screen. I like the layout though, it's nice. Also unless you can get trillions of Canu I don't think the currency box needs to be so wide. Just my two cents!


Should do like the original Suikoden and zoom in when you roll a critical attack ^_^

Streaming Myself creating a Game

Currently streaming

Mapping for a few hours. Come hang out, playing some rock music and chilling.


Streaming Myself creating a Game

Hey FlyingJester, you're part of the sphere forums aren't you! I used sphere for quite a few years a time ago. My AKA on the sphere scene was Legaia.

On topic, I will be streaming most days from 8PM to 2AM Eastern Standard Time.

Streaming Myself creating a Game

For anyone interested,
I have setup a stream on and I will be streaming daily while I create a game in RPG Maker VX Ace. The whole point of the stream is to try to have an awesome place where we can chat with fellow game designers in a more real time environment than on a forum ^_^

Feel free to stop by and drop a line!

Looking forward to seeing some of you folks there!

Hey folks!

Thanks for the welcome!

Stream currently online, although I'm mainly messing around with setting up a better twitch layout at the moment so nothing to fancy, come and chat!

Hey folks!

Hello, RMN Community!

I have recently ignited a flame that went out a couple of years ago and have found time to start my passion for creating games back up. I was big in the game creation scene using the SPHERE game engine about 5+ years ago now but because of work and other important stuff I kind of let my love of game creation sit on the back burner for a while.

I'm actually going to try something quite interesting with my approach this time. Anytime I am working on a game, it will ALL be streamed live for anyone to come hang out. I am basically starting as a beginner with RPG Maker VX. I will pick up Ace soon and convert my current project to that engine, however for now it will be VX normal.

I definitely am not a pro, and I am excited to see how helpful some viewers can be. A very large part of my game will be 100% community based ideas which is why I don't feel the need to hide my work. I believe being criticized is the best way to learn, and I think this will happen by having viewers watch my progress.

But anyway, this wall of text is MORE than long enough. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you in my stream chat regularly and building a small community where people can collaborate in real time about all kinds of game creation topics!

Thanks for any kind of response this welcome thread may receive!

Please visit my stream on! The stream may be boring at times, but the idea is to have some fun discussions in chat!

Sat-Sun: Times will vary but guaranteed same times as weekdays.
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