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Name: Phantom Block
Status: Complete
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Estimated length: 2 hours
Small description: Guide Boomer through over thirty challenging levels. Use the power of the Phantom Blocks to modify the world around you - make the land intangible, gum up walls to stick to them, or even flip gravity upside down! It’s like you’re playing a level editor!
Special requests: No special requests.

Sunsong Review

I tried to do something different with the graphics. I'm not very skilled at making graphics or writing stories, so I edited the RTP as I have no money and in the context of this contest no time to commission custom retro graphics which would be more accurate. The retro theme was an idea so I could avoid a complex plot. I could have used NES colors, but it didn't look different enough from the regular RTP.

Sunsong Review

Thank you for the review! I intend to address your concerns about the game. I've messages you a more detailed description.

Although I do not think I will change the green, I should have given some context earlier; it is intended to mimic the original Game Boy, not a night vision goggles. The soundtrack is composed with OrgMaker, a chip tune program by Studio Pixel, which is why the music sounds old school: it is! Though I suppose I can't change an opinion, I'd hope it's not terrible c:

I will release a new version shortly to address these concerns and others.

Requesting playtesters - Special Thanks credit reward

Hello! I'm Gamesfreak13563 and I'm in need of play testers for my game, Sunsong. The game is an IGMC entry so a play through shouldn't be long. Game designers tell me to "fail faster" and this is where you guys come in. The game is here:

If you choose to play test my game, I will give you a credit in Special Thanks when it reaches submission. (I may also tip money in bitcoin or paypal to people who write in depth critiques.) After playing the game, answer these questions:

1. What was your playtime?

2. What do you think of the main premise?

3. What do you think of the aesthetic?

4. Was the games difficulty ok?

5. How was the soundtrack?

6. Can anything be added or taken away?

7. Did you go to the Tower of Dawn first or the Tower if Twilight?

8. What classes did you use?

9. Did you ever feel the need to switch classes?

10. If you were given the game file, how would you change Sunsong?

Please also report any bugs you find.

If you decide to play test, please post. Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy your adventure!


If you find any instances of text cutting off, please report them. Thanks!

Tetra Master

Aside from one issue where the AI plays two cards one after another that happens occasionally, very very good.

With that issue, if the AI was the player that led, this results in the game being impossible to finish as you wouldn't be able to play your last card, as the game expects the AI to play a card before you so you can have your last turn, but as the AI is out of cards it sits there waiting for the AIs turn to end.

Could you tell me the steps that would reproduce the bug?
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