I am a newbie to this site and RPGMaker. Currently I am working on an untitled game in RPG Maker 2000. (It seems to be really easy to use, even with it's limitations) I will post a demo when I see the game is "demo worthy".




Are the numbers multipliers for the price (so it's like an x6 chest costs 600 Gil), or do they indicate the quantity of the item in the chest?

Resource Museum

Aw, I'm gonna miss Shattered Wings.. I always wondered, were those characters based off of FF IV The Complete Collection field sprites, or something else?


So the canon party of the last game is Darius, Vahn, Godot, and Jasmine? I was expecting something like Vahn, Oalston, Elina, and Vera, but this works too.


I thought Parker used Darts/Cards as weapons? It'd make sense, as she's a Gambler, and that's what Setzer used.

So have you planned what weapon Stiltzkin will be using, or is he not going to be using any weapons at all? I saw in the database that he has Dances, but I doubted those are his main offense.

Artist Blog 01 - Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

I'm guessing that the one on the far left is Auron? I can't identify the other two however.


I guess my dream team of Bolt, Carina, Sapphire and Edric can now be fulfilled!


Damn, could you make this look any more awesome?

..well, the option to change the Window skin or the colors would be cool. (Grey is one of my favorite colors, but I'd sure love to see this in pink!) This is just a nitpick, but I think the Level indicator should be moved above the HP/MP/Limit Gauges. Nothing more than a nitpick though.

OFF TOPIC: It was somewhat glaring that in the original demo, Wedge's portrait had black hair, but his sprites were the unedited Edward sprite from The After Years. Has this been fixed?

Priscilla - Rebalanced

I'm going to guess that Priscilla's final Paradigm gives her attacks that are stronger against certain types of enemies? It's probably not true, but it's a good guess right?

Leon - Rebalanced

Does Leon have the Draw Attacks/Taunt ability? If so, then that would be really cool.

Dajh - Rebalanced

I like this idea. Do you think you will make other Paradigims that change the secondary commands of other characters?

Off topic: Do you think there will inevitability be PCs that outclass other PCs? If not, then will each PC have their own gimmicks and abilities that will make them uncomparable to other PCs?