Screenshot Survival 20XX

Not trying to overly advertise here, but really wanted to share this with you guys.

Kingdoms of the Dump Kickstarter is up. Without RMN this game would never exist. Thanks to all of you for keeping this place alive, I wish I did more to contribute to the disourse here.

Screenshot Survival 20XX


I was planning to redo ABL in 2K3 with original graphics a few years back as it is one of my favorite rpg maker games and what really inspired me to start fooling with 2k back in 2001. I thought it would be fun to work on my pixel art and give a face lift to one of my old favorites. I thought the original creator was lost to the ages, but when he found out we talked and he politely asked me to not go forward with the project which I totally respect.

He also encouraged me to work on an original game which gave me the push to go all in on Kingdoms of the Dump.

So not much work ever was done on that project besides some early mockups. :)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

A little running around the Bug Kingdom town and canyon dungeon. I know I need more stuff in the canyon to break up the monotony..was mostly trying to show the town with some NPCs.

@Momeka - You are a machine! Everything looks super polished and far far away from being recognized as rm2k3. (it is still 2k3 right?)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thanks guys!

@Tau - aw man, there's a lot of Wooby influence in kotd...except I hope to be able to execute my ideas better now ^_^

@Punkitt - that looks cool! creating such a serene yet weird atmosphere with the music and ever watching eye. hope to see more from happup.

@visitors - love these colors. reminds me of playing mario land 2 on my super gameboy that let you mess with the limited GB palette. Looks interesting!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thanks guys. I have always been fascinated with platforming in non-platformers. I loved it in Mario RPG but the isometric view made it kind of wonky sometimes.

That's looking sick orange- the overlay may be a bit too much for me- I want to see more of that pixel art and it's getting in my way! I appreciate the effort to help establish the mood though.

We finally got a trailer together for Camp Fangamer, but I will show it here first:

Screenshot Survival 20XX

For that serene location I think the higher saturation lends itself well. Looking good.

Momeka- I love the little battle a sucker for menus and bars and stuff so this is doing it for me.

Wip- thanks! I just followed you on Twitter - any other RMN ppl let's link up on there.

I've been locked out of my old RMN account(dookie/roach714) for like a year and still never got that sorted out. At some point I will or get my gamepage moved/redone on this account.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Messing with some sky moods and testing out our new assets for the Carpentry Kingdom.
Any ideas for things that we could add in this world? Enemies, objects, gameplay ideas?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Fair enough point about the contrast...I still can;t help feel like that color temperature is totally wrong though! I think there is a happy medium here..

is this any better? I really like this screenshot but the cool aqua trees are throwing me off.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Blind, I think if you nudged the tree leaf color more yellow it might mesh more. I love that green but it gives me a totally different feel than the rest of the area.

It is more monochrome I guess this way, but idk it works for me? What do you think??
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