What makes a good Crafting system?

I'm unsure a crafting system would be serving your random generating dungeon drops well since the interest of your game is finding loot when exploring dungeons (the player is happy when he finds a rare drop, and the interest is to construct your team around the strenghs and limits of found equipment). Maybe you should stick to adding elemental or other properties to your equipment, like explained Davenport? There are already quite a few properties in-game equipment (learning, thorns, critical, elementals, freeze, burn, etc), you would just have to make them rawer to find in the dungeons so that the crafting would be interesting for the player.

With what Marrend said, maybe you should add an ally that can extract the elements of some items, so that it would have some building value (i.e you can extract fire from an old armour, but you will lose the armor in the process).

The Princess and the Rose Knight


I think I found another resource issue:

And the choices for the dungeons are still in japanese:

Quondam Warriors Review

Loowiz, for editing your game you can do it even if your game was encrypted. This decryptor for example is really easy to use (it's in english, you just have to make it extract all files if your game is encrypted, and it can also create the edit file.

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EDIT 2: For Gari: I'm double checking some of the request stuff you mentioned. Tau and DHM have both said spire battle R was never released. However DHM has more info posted about it on his site
Zexyu mentions a "next demo" and the fact this next demo was probably never released. Which means the first one he played might have seen a public release.
I can upload it again if you want.
Here is a temporary link of what I have: Spire Battle R

I haven't had problems with the games I downloaded (though I didn't download all of them, Sonic PUZZ was in it), and had no other problems aside monopoly.exe false positive (the game is great by the way, probably not the most technical but visually really polished, lot of efforts went in).

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To help with the Master List, here is what I found of interest in Arcanine_F50's list. Those are either missing links or games in a different versions. I compared with my own folders, since they're mostly to date with the master list. I didn't test the games, but there are no data files missing. I did some google searches, but nothing intensive so some games from the list might be on other websites. Arcanine's archives have one day of difference with true releases ("d├ęcalage").

3 Hour Project by LittleWingGuy (rm2k3) 2009-07-30 11maps - Has the title screen named Malevolent2. A map has been modified 2023-05-12.
Exodus by Jaar (rm2k3) 2008-10-03 95maps - Not found elsewhere
At the End of the Deep Blue Sky (rm2k3) 2011-24-09 229maps - Not found elsewhere. Didn't find a picture with author's name, but pictures look a lot like Neok's style (Alter Aila Genesis).
Befallen Kingdom Demo 0.99.94 by Crazedanimekid (rm2k3) 2011-09-23 115maps - Has a gamepage but dead link in the description. Might be the 2009 edition (but with minor edits in 2011).
Darkness Shall Bleed - Eternal Rest Redux by Angel Spire (rm2k3) 2008-06-10 19maps - Has an hidden review. A map has been modified 2023-05-12
Dawning of a Dragon's Valor Demo by Corfaisus (rm2k3) 2009-08-30 334maps - Has a page on Salty World and had a page on RMN (erased). Might be found on the site index the good old way.
Demon Destiny 1 The Warriors of Legend Complete by demondestiny (rm2k3) 2011-09-24 350maps - I had a demo, and this is the complete version
Ever Blue (rm2k3) 2006-10-08 30maps - Not found elsewhere
Fatal Promise Demo1.0 by Trujin (rm2k) 2004-01-05 15maps - Not found elsewhere
Hellucination by dethmetal (rm2k3) 2008-09-28 129maps - Has a wiki fandom, but the link is broken
Hyamlan's Secrets Demo by Tomasz Mildner and Alexander Koks (rm2k3) 2008-12-01 216maps - Not found elsewhere
Its good to be a pirate - Has a gamepage or is told about somewhere, but no working download
Last Day by Lorne Boyde III (rm2k3) 2008-08-29 68maps - Not found elsewhere
Magequest - Legend of the Pentaforce - Might be one of the Mage's Quest, but didn't find according filesizes.
Malevolent (rm2k3) 2009-10-30 39maps - Not found elsewhere
Monopoly (3 dll) - Not a game but three dll files.
notBubbleBobble (Chrono Trigger) (rm2k3) 2011-09-23 33maps - It must be somewhere (maybe just under Chrono Trigger something). Seems to be a parody or joke game about a man who wants to become a beautiful woman.
Osheru Shori (or Gran Yggra)(Rowan)(RM2003)(2008-2012) - There is a gamepage on the site, but no link to download.
Rita's Adventure (rm2k3) 2007-12-28 31maps - I've Beta 2, so it might be Beta 1? Nothing too sure, but they are different in size (around 86 vs 25 for this version).
Sonic PUZZ by Huepow00 (rm2k3) 2008-06-27 9maps - Not found elsewhere
Starbucks Tales 1 Mystery of the Quantum Espresso Machine by Marcus Pond (rm2k3) 2009-01-16 49maps - Not found elsewhere
Starlancer Six by Badluck (rm2k3) 2015-06-19 160maps - A slightly previous version from the same game. The number of maps is the same aside the dates. I've a different RPG_RT.exe on mine.
Tales of Ateria Demo by rikorock (rm2k3) 2009-04-26 37maps - Looks like a previous version (I've the extended one around 65 MB, this one being ~10)
Tales of Worlds 2 Mercerius Terminus Alpha Demo by Dark Gaia (rm2k3) 2008-06-21 32maps - Didn't find a gamepage for this, but looks like the sequuel to Tales of World by the same author
Tic Tac Toe - Not found elsewhere
Wild Wings II - Sunwing by Fidchell (RM2003)(2007) - looks to be the first version released (there is a remade version on gamepage)

Final Frontier Boundless Heart is in the missing list.

Interesting find:
Legionwood2 before it was remade.

Personal devlog #5

The gameplay mechanics look rather faithfull to the original. I'm rather curious to test it when it's released.

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It's true the link isn't good. I have a copy of the game so probably it could be obtained by another link from this thread?
Here you go: (17.09 MB)

Arcanine_F50: Hi! Would you be interested in leaving a public link in this topic? I saw some games that were in the missing list, but also for the games that are already here, some versions of a same game are still missing, so it would definitely help.


Looking for it!
Probably easier, but VXAce has a game about items loot, where the weapons/armors have custom stats... am I suggesting new ideas? Maybe...

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Sure: (15 days, but it should be the same as another download in this topic)

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Yes, there is only one link for this game I guess. I have another one with the default titlescreen added in 2019, and the one I have has no titlescreen (though it says fullpackageflag=1 in the ini).