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I was looking for A Dust Tale, a promising but short demo that never saw completion, the link was broken. Thanks to someone who kept a copy, here is the link if you want to add it to your database: A Dust Tale.


There is no reason to be sorry at all. It just would have been hard for your dedicated players to play the next part. ;)


Seems like it's still not working (incomplete Setup).

Bloodstained Hands

I don't know if I'll finish it, but you know I like your game and those new adds are nice. The only thing that could has been made differently is the way lockpicking is handled. I'm not delicate enough, I guess, so the only thing I found is to endlessly reset until the moment it's good, since items are important.

Recommend me a game with villain as protagonist

Acting as a villain:
Umbral Soul
Flip Dimensions

Not exactly a villain so not what you want, but not too white as well:
Nocturne Rebirth
Seraphic Blue

Older RPG Maker 2000/2003 games?

2) This one I can't really remember too much about gameplay. I also can't remember if I am thinking of two separate games or what. I remember an opening sequence of a snowy area as it scrolled up. I think it played an enya song, only time or something like that? There was also another opening, which could have been a different game... this one impressed me because it appeared animated, but they actually used a number of images to pull off the animation. There was an anime girl. Also leaves falling. I think it played to a japanese song.
I'm pretty sure this game is an older version of Aedemphia, before all songs were put away to have a clean soundtrack. It indeed had tracks from Enya, including Only Time.

Lakria Legends

I tried it in 2020 and it was already like that. Like Xionn201 said, it begins to lag after Serene joins the team.

Lakria Legends

I have the same problem, to the extent it's not playable.
It's probably because getting a member (and probably more) activates certain parallel processes (probably several) that certain configurations like yours and mine don't like. With all the events already on maps (for the noises, music and other things) and those of the new members adding, plus if there is not an appropriate wait in the parallel events, it's probably the reason of your lag. Or maybe it's just a very specific error of programmation on one of those events.
When playing with a part of the code, I could reduce it slightly, but probably to the price of messing with something else because of the wait(s).

It's too bad because the game looks really polished.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Else, you just have a working link (for Listen) on rmarchiv:

Final Tear 2 remastered

Hello, you can find an old version of FT2 in rmn contents: However, this version is not the most recent (it's version 1.2 upgraded in 2014 and a 1.9 called "extended version" was on the official website at an older date:
You can find a 1.3 patch here:
Here is an history of the ptches release (none of them is available on wayback):