Not a game developer! Sorry good people, but I am simply a player of RPGs and one who comes here with that purpose. My other purpose is as a Youtube 'Let's Player' - video game playthroughs with voice commentary. I LP'ed mainstream games from 2008-2010, but now I hope to soon relaunch my channel with RPG Maker games. Stay tuned, at the moment I'm still getting my recording set up.



The Logomancer

OH HEY, so turns out I can't read bloody area names very well.

Look, just pretend I was never here, yes?

The Logomancer

So, approaching the ending... Got a question.

I've gone through GlitchTopia in the Forgotten Plantation, which is one of the more horrifying things I've had to do this month. XD (Long story short - video game glitches are one of my biggest phobias/nightmare fuel/ARRRRGH things, to the point where it's not any fun) But I'm DETERMINED to get through this awesome game so my sufferings be damned. That one area where everything changed every 5 seconds literally made me physically ill.

Anyway, now I'm at a bed and a hole in the ground. It's giving me a paragraph sin and numbers and somesuch, then asking me to input four digits. ...Huh? Am I missing something here? The other puzzles I worked out fair enough, but this one... doesn't seem to have anything IN it. How do I find this bloody number?

And please, PLEASE, for the love of everything holy and wonderful, don't tell me I have to back to that bloody glitch room. :P Or at least, if you're GOING to tell me that, don't be cryptic because if I have to go back I don't want to be in there long. ><

...It's going to be the bloody glitch room, isn't it? ...Goddammit. ><

Hero's Realm

Ugh also I really need to update the media page with my videos. I keep falling behind posting them on here because copying all the links is really annoying. Updating that now.

Hero's Realm

The missing princes, you will find as part of the main plot of the game. Just keep hunting down those good ol' Divine Artefacts, and follow the mini-walkthrough posted on here if you're stuck finding those.

The princes will indeed show up before you're done.

Gavaroc - Let's Play Hero's Realm (Videos 15-21)

Ahahaha! Apologies. :P It does become a running theme for this chapter, as does referring to the Druid sprite as a Space Baby.

Apologies for the late addition, by the way. Kept forgetting to add it to the site.

Hero's Realm

I might go with 7 videos since mine are generally 10-13 minutes as opposed to 20 or more, and I plan on one upload a day for now so with 7 I could make it a regular weekly posting - which would start this time tomorrow.

Hero's Realm

I'm thinking of maybe holding off on that for now at least. I'm uploading one video per day whilst backlogging a fair amount (4 currently up, 17 currently recorded,) eventually intending to increase daily uploads once I have enough ready.

I'll post it to the profile once there's a more sizable amount watchable.

Hero's Realm


Just thought I'd inform you that I've begun a Let's Play of Hero's Realm on my channel. I recall asking your permission maybe two years ago, which you gave, but my ability to LP was continually delayed. I'm starting up again and decided to use Hero's Realm as my first new game!


I think I was vague enough but better safe than sorry.
The second room of the place where you do that favour for Ryimm. Am I missing something, like one of the papers to help with the Nayrin Ruins? The sign gives me colours corresponding to each switch, but that doesn't shed any light on what to do.

Is there a hint somewhere that I failed to pick up? Or should I be able to work it out based on a single clue more cryptic than what you'd find in a Dan Brown novel?

(Though if I DO have everything I need, don't give me the answer. I'll try to solve it. I just want to make sure before I START trying to solve it that I'm not struggling hopelessly when I simply missed something along the way.)

EDIT: Okay so I just stepped on random switches wildly and the damn door opened. Don't how the flying ninja cow Christ that happened, but I guess I shouldn't complain! This probably DOES use up my lifetime allotment of amazing good luck, though. You now owe me surgery expenses, wall repairs AND lottery winnings. Luck or no luck, though, I'm still curious as to whether that puzzle was MEANT to be solved then or whether I missed something.


Most asked-about puzzle? I'm rather unshocked by that. If I recall, shortly after the second post I made, I realised there was another room. That was even more head-scratching.

I did end up solving it eventually, but I'm sorely tempted to send you the bill for my upcoming hand surgery. And to make you fix the massive fist-shaped hole in my wall. (Yes, that was a joke.)
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