Not a game developer! Sorry good people, but I am simply a player of RPGs and one who comes here with that purpose. My other purpose is as a Youtube 'Let's Player' - video game playthroughs with voice commentary. I LP'ed mainstream games from 2008-2010, but now I hope to soon relaunch my channel with RPG Maker games. Stay tuned, at the moment I'm still getting my recording set up.


Any help needed from a writer?

Right, so I'm not a developer, but I am a writer so I figured I should at the least offer my skills to forward the cause of good games, if it's wanted. I don't know if the people of this community prefer to be independent with their writing but in case there are those who appreciate the help, I shall make myself available. Obviously if there's a lot of demand then I won't be able to help everybody at once, or if my schooling gets in the way then it may take me some time, but otherwise I do appreciate having some work on my plate and it is nice to contribute. So, here's what I can do.

Got some dialogue/a story outline that you're not totally thrilled with? I'm more than happy to read over your work and, depending on what you want, either offer you some suggestions for improvement or edit the work myself and give you some revised dialogue to use. I'm happy to take some directions and if you don't want to use what I've done or suggested then that's fine by me.

Game Testing (Mostly for text mistakes):
If rather than some dialogue you've got an actual game demo out and are needing testers, I can also do this. My focus would be keeping a close eye on all of the text for typos and other errors, though if I encounter other bugs I'll bring those up as well. I'm nice like that.

Scene Writing:
If anyone actually wants me to write dialogue for the characters in their game from scratch. I caaan do this, but it'd most likely be a lot of work and I can't guarantee I'd be lightning-fast. Again, feel free to direct me however you desire given it's your game. Of course, I would expect to be credited as the writer for the game if you've hired me to do all of it, or as a co-writer if I'm sharing the load with you/another.

Anything Else:
If there's any other help you need, just bring it up and we'll see! I can't think of how else I can be of service, but if there is anything just post here.

Email -
Kindly indicate in the subject that you are from RMN and specify what exactly you're after (editing, writing, testing, advice, etc.)
I live in Australia so a reply may not be quick due to the time difference.
Include any relevant attachments.

Like I said, I don't know how much demand there would be for a writer here. If you want to see some of my writing, you can either read one of my reviews (four at present and more to come, though the latest is still pending) or ask me to send you a short story I wrote recently.

It's hard to be original in the intro forum...

This is Gavaroc, stepping in to say hello. I'm not really a game maker of any kind, to be perfectly honest, nor have I the intention of trying it. The question then, and a fair one at that, would be 'Why the (expletive of your choice) are you here?' Well thank you for asking, kind imaginary figure!

First and foremost, I am someone who loves RPGs. Obviously. Were I someone who hated them, I'd have to be a pretty damn dedicated troll to sign up to a website just to spread hate. Thankfully, I'm not (Hoorah!). I'm here to play your wonderful games, and some of your less-than-wonderful ones if I should happen to make any poor download choices. I shall probably write reviews, as well, though from a consumer perspective rather than a fellow developer one.

Secondly, aaaand this is the main reason, I'm a Let's Player. You people are probably more likely to know that phrase than most people I talk to, but in case you don't - video playthroughs with audio commentary. I LP'ed from 2008-2010, theeen I stopped due to lack of willpower. The willpower's back! Sort of. It fluctuated for a while, I ALMOST started again in March last year but technical difficulties got too frustrating - (apologies, by the way, to Kentona. I'd told him via Youtube PM nearly a year ago that I was going to LP Hero's Realm but never managed to push past the recording problems and sooo never did.) As it stands, I'm firing it up again - though I do need to take care of some technical issues first. This time, however, I'm more dedicated so once it's all sorted, I would love to start with an LP of Hero's Realm, unless of course the good developer objects since I vanished on him last time. XD After that, I'd hope to LP quite a number of games from this site. If you guys find that you like what I'm doing, feel free to suggest games to me. If you're not fond of what I'm doing, then I shall certainly never LP a game without the developer's permission.

Other than that, what else is there to say of me? Well, I'm an aspiring writer, hence the RPG-love. Stories are the most appealing part to me in a game, and I've several stories of my own that I'll hopefully one day turn into something. Though not a game, since, well, tech-skills? Me? Ahaha. Ahaha. Ahahaha. No. My other passion is entertaining people, hence the LP'ing. I try to make the commentary funny, though I'm not going to judge my own work. When I get started again I shall inform this forum so you can see for yourself, if anyone in it happens to care. XD You don't have to, of course.

Now. That was probably far, far too long-winded to be healthy. This is why I commentate my videos. If I didn't, the subtitles would overtake the damn screen.
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