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Looking for a sprite artist

Im looking for someone who can make edits to a sprite, i need the attack and idle poses of this character:
He is Ghaleon of Lunar 2, his "chibi" sprites haven`t got any attack poses, basically what i want is to edit the chibi version with attack, idle and a special attack pose (3 or 4 frames of each is more than enough).

Well... hope someone can help me, i already tried but im not good at this, it always ends in a massive trash of pixels hahaha.

Playing as a boss character

So... i want to know opinions of people regarding this topic...
What do you think of playing as a boss in a RPG?
I had a crazy idea of making Ghaleon of Lunar 2 as a playable character.
As you can see in this screenshot, the boss (the one in the left) is what i want to make playable:
I know he is big compared to normal characters, i had plans to make a "chibi" version of him for battles, but i suck at pixel art stuff...
So anyway, let me know your opinions!

What do you think about pixelated sprites on a HD background?

Well, that is my question, i like the style of pixelated characters in a HD map/background, (something like Final Fantasy Record Keeper). I think it looks nice, but just want to know other opinions.

RPG Game focusing only in battles

Well, i want to know the opinion of people of a rpg game with only battles and travel system like Brave Frontier or Final Fantasy Record Keeper, were the player just select the zone to fight and when you are done in that level you receive premium items, keys, etc to progress throught the story.

Game Language

I want to know if the game can be done in spanish?
English it´s not my native language...
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