I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
"College is fun as long as you don't die."
- L, Death Note
Ruby Quest: Undertow
Guide a lost rabbit out of hell.

Games to Review :: a playlist on

Once I have time to let myself do fun things again, I'll be reviewing each of these. In the order specified.

Epic Elf 2
Join Dark Elf Dagree once again as he is threatened by a new gang of freaks 'n geeks in this spaced-out comedy RPG adventure! No installment required!
Love and War: Act I
A young man fresh out of high school will soon discover the role he must play.
The Drop
A dungeon crawler set in the universe of The Reconstruction. Features a unique health system, environmental and property interaction, and stealth elements.
I Miss the Sunrise
A prequel to The Reconstruction featuring a unique battle system, customized weapons, and character creation.
The Reconstruction
A not-quite-typical adventure with a large cast and unique battle system.
Death Proclaimed II - Va...
More insight on Valerie from DP2.