Zeon Story 3 - Silent Reign

Any chance of getting Zeon Story 1 and 2 loaded here? I remember trying to download them on another site and the links didn't work. Also, the pic you posted from ZS1 was fucking hilarious, I need to play!
Zeon Story 1 is a truly rubbish game and it is probably a total of 20 minutes long (If you flee all battles against RTP premade monster parties).
Zeon Story 2 is actually being rehashed to be more playable - Much in the style of ZS3, where the crapiness of the game isn't the joke itself.

But, since you asked for it, you could probably expect them to be here soon. Sorry, RPGMAKER.NET

EDIT: Thank you for showing interest! There will be no more nights of crying myself to sleep with a bottle of wine!

How much do y'all like midi?

Well, the answer is our era. Me personally, I don't mind midi, but it is hard for people to digest midi, when you can take the bgm linked in your opening post, and make it sound like this:

this bgm EXTREME

I created that by going to this midi converter website, putting in your midi file, choosing from a select group of soundfonts (Merlin Vienna in this case), and letting the automated program do the rest.

I mean, it is an amazing song, regardless of the style, but many people appreciate the musical innovations of our time, and would rather music stay in that realm if possible.

To help with looping (mp3s), what you need is music in an ogg format. How do you do that? Simple:

Take your mp3.

Go to an ogg converter site, like this one, place your file to be converted, and voila!

You now have a high quality, perfectly loopable, ogg file.

Now, you can take every midi song you have ever loved, and make it more appealing to the ears of those who stumble upon your game.



Thank you!!

My friends thoughts on old makers VS new ones.

Personally, I only prefer RM2k(3) because it can make professional-looking SNES-era (even DS-era!) games.

The newer makers look amateur because they're super-hi-res 2D sprites and chipsets (I mean who does that?! Graal Online??) - Not to mention almost every map in the newer makers look boxy.

Learning advanced coding in an RM engine doesn't sound appealing to me. I feel it is more beneficial to free yourself from RM in general once you're 'too limited' by RM2k3. Game Maker, Unity, all that kind of stuff is time better-spent coding and whatnot.

SOPA is more insane than I.

Interesting video.

Are you a fellow occupier by any chance?

Games that nobody remember?

I still play Parappa games.
I also make love to Parappa music (I'm srs) and sprite to Parappa music.


Beta testers for legend of TIron

I'll dew it. Feel free 2 send me da deetz.

Replacement for the Rm2k3 RTP facesets

Of course! Only you know what your want your project to be like.

I do wish you luck.

[2k3] Font changing

It's actually rather easy.

I downloaded Fony.
I then opened RPG Maker's RM2000 font in fony and worked from it.

It's also important to make sure the 'MODULE NAME' for your font isn't RM2000 or RMG2000. You change it in FONY'S PROPERTY MENU (CTRL+H). Give it the name of your game if you have to. For example, "AMAZINGQUEST" is suitable. Font MODULE NAME and font FILE NAME are not the same, by the way.

From there, install your font (the font has to be in the windows/font folder to work), patch your .EXE, run your game.

There should be a tutorial about this.


Replacement for the Rm2k3 RTP facesets

None taken. This topic isn't useless, though.

It's me who is useless!

I spent all the time doing it, so why not just post it?

Replacement for the Rm2k3 RTP facesets

Face Maker has a style different from RTP while allowing you enough options to recreate the RTP characters.

It doesn't get any better than this.