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Intermediate RM2k3 programmer.

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Avid fan of classic turn-based & action JRPGs.
FF6, 7, 8, 9, & 10
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Nihilo follows protagonist Estes and his party as they journey to uncover the truth behind The Calamity that laid their once peaceful world to barren wastes.




YES! This is exactly what I wanted! PERFECTION! =)

Aye, thanks much! It needed to be done! Took a while to come up with, but it's all functioning now!


Ooh, boi! Dat the main char?

Nihilo Review

Thank you so much!
I'm overwhelmed by the amount of detail crammed into this review of just a demo! It really warms my heart.<3
I can't wait to put out the full game with all new modifications for people to play with, and a more fleshed out and detailed story and lore!
I'll be pouring the same amount work of and more into the rest of the game, and I truly hope it will live up to the expectations!

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to write in detail such a kind review!
Looking forward to your views on the full game!


author=Ashes of Emerald
Hey! You’re on the front page!!! Congrats

Ahh! I know! Totally unexpected, I'm so stoked.


I did find that. I definitely must have misspelled when I entered the password. Hey, I love old school rpg's I never said I was good at them. Haha

Hahaha! I feel that, man! That puzzle's one of those "Okay, pull out the notepad" ones.

Alterium Shift

Aww hell yeah! Subbed!


cool, thanks for trying onix rift out man. It'll be some time before I get back to it unfortunatey.l Regarding the diagonal movement fix, what you described is exactly how it's handled in onix rift. I figured you'd just forgotten to turn the switch off and on during a few message events. Right on man, I'll be trying to finish your demo. I'm having trouble with the first pressure release valve password.

You can find the answer to the 3 tier release system written on a poster in one of the rooms.
But the codes are as follows
For Pressure valve release 1:
For Pressure valve release 2:


wouldn't it be better to turn off the switch (s) that handle the eight-way movement in the dialogue and turn them back on when they are finished?

Typo in the comment.
I forgot to add turning the 8-way movement switch on and off.


Hey giznads I gave this demo a rip. Really good job my man. The game looks great. Although I haven't completed the play through yet there was something I noticed, I only noticed it due to also using 8 directional movement in my project so I'm pretty aware of some of the obstacles I dealt with while eventing it within my own project. There are times during game play that I would walk up to something and press the action key, a message would pop up at the bottom of the screen, something like "just an old rusty pipe." now while the message is displayed the hero's movement is locked, you can't move up, down, left or right, however, before dismissing the message if the player presses both up and right lets say, the diagonal movement is still active and the player can still move around the screen in diagonal directions. I noticed it in multiple places so I just thought I'd give you a heads up. I am very impressed with your diagonal movement. It feels really good for tile based movement. I would like to know how you adjusted the player speed so well (dyn plugin perhaps, which one?) it's something I tried implementing but couldn't get just right. especially with the diagonal movement. Really great job man I can tell a lot of love went into it. All the hard work you've done over the years has paid off for sure. Cheers man.

edit: I just opened the game to finish the demo and I'm in the sewer, if I walk up to a piece of machinery it shows the message and I can't use any movement commands. If I walk up to a cocoon larva and press the action key, I get the message but my diagonal movement is still active. I just thought I'd give you an exact spot to check out.

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

I actually played Onyx Rift not too long ago! Loving what you're doing, VERY Secrt Of Mana! <3
Yeah, 8-way movement gets a little tricky. There's some spots in my game, where you can definitely keep moving diagonally while text is being read.
There IS HOWEVER a REALLY easy fix for that, I just didn't deem necessary enough to fix.
To solve this, create a common event, call it "Halt Hero" or whatever you wish, set it to "Auto Start" and tie it to a switch. No code actually has to go into the common event, just need the "auto-event" to stop everything for a moment while you're reading.
Next, when you create an event where you read dialogue, turn the switch you tied to that common event on before the message display, turn your 8-Way movement switch off, and then turn both the Auto Switch off and 8-way movement back on when the message is over. Boom, no 8-way movement during text.

I should probably go back through my game and add that to all the text, just for consistency's sake.

Thank you for bringing this up actually! It's now on my list of fixes.


I finished the demo and I felt like it was very immersive. I think the tone is very good. I like how the game starts off very subtle. Like, the entire world is dead, and thats pretty interesting.

The entire game is very expertly crafted. There are a bunch of really small touches that immerse you into the game. People do notice, and I'm glad you took the time to add all of it.

I think the only criticism I have is I didn't find the secondary character that interesting. If you merged the two and the main hero just bounces his thoughts off the robot it would feel more interesting, just my opinion.

the mechanics and custom systems are all well done.

I'm surprised more people aren't discussing this game. I think you did a great job, man.

author=Ashes of Emerald
I think the only criticism I have is I didn't find the secondary character that interesting. If you merged the two and the main hero just bounces his thoughts off the robot it would feel more interesting, just my opinion.
I agree with this. Would make it feel more unique and intriguing

Thank you both for the feedback!
I'm glad you enjoyed what you've played of it!

By secondary character, I'm assuming you mean Nikolai.
I was a little bummed to not have Nikolai really shine so far in this early version of the game, but I do hope you'll stick around to play the final release as I plan to give him and all of the characters an in-depth back story eventually. Already, Nikolai is scheduled to play a bigger role in the second chapter, and there will be a pretty good chunk of time spent playing only as Nikolai possibly with the help of a temporary character or two.
This section of the game will delve into his backstory and hopefully make the player click more with him as one of the main protagonist of Nihilo.

Thank you for the kind words and valuable feedback, they mean a lot to me!