Indie game maker specializing in music composition and sprite creation.
Intermediate RM2k3 programmer.

Avid fan of classic turn-based & action JRPGs.

Check out my passion project, NIHILO,
a throwback to the 90s Post Apocalyptic/Cyberpunk era.

A throwback to the 90s Post Apocalyptic/Cyberpunk era. Nihilo follows protagonist Estes and his party as they journey to uncover the truth behind The Calamity.




True, of course that may be why I can't nominate it because the game doesn't have a download yet. I hadn't thought of that at all. Otherwise, I would have really liked to nominate it, because I think the game more than deserves it.

Well, I really appreciate the fact that it's that appealing to you!
I will hopefully have a demo out within the first month of next year, and hopefully it'll be eligible for a Misao!
Thanks again, man. Really hope everyone enjoys what I have ready so far!


Was just checking in and pleasantly surprised to see a lot of work steadily put into this. The atmosphere looks absolutely stunning and I'm happy to see DynRPG being used extensively.

Thanks man. This game definitely wouldn't be here without the power of DYN plugins. The game has only been possible due to the hard work you, and others in the community have put forth.
You guys will all be credited! <3

I want to nominate this for Misao, but, for some reason, I cannot click the button.

Well damn, man. I really appreciate the sentiment!
I'm not sure why not, Koopa could be right about it not having a download available. I always thought it was that you could only nominate games that were put out the year you want to nominate them.
Since this game page was started way the hell back, might be ineligible for nomination.

Even from just the game page, this game is looking amazing man! More and more I see it, the more I can't wait to play it eventually :D keep up the great work homie.

I'm assuming the reason you can't nominate the game is because it has no download.
Only completed games are eligible for awards, a demo of a game could still run for the "Most Promising Demo" Award I believe.

Aww hell, thanks big dawg!
I can't wait to get your honest opinion once a demo is released.
Also, can't wait for the next installment of Shadow Seeker first game was unbelievable!


This looks so cool.

Thanks man! Means a LOT coming from you!
I'm still creeping your starless umbra progress! Lookin' really good!


theres SO much going on here and I am a HUGE fan

Thank you, thank you!
Hopefully the game will love up to it's expectations!
Appreciate the support!


author=Ashes of Emerald
Same deal for me!
Man, I hope it will live up to your standard of coding!

This is literally food for the eyes. I love how much you've customized the game. For this really old engine, your game looks much better than most of what I see. Very promising, can't wait to play it!
Thanks so much, that means a lot! Can't wait to get some feedback on it!


This looks great! Excited to check this out when a demo is available

Hopefully won't be too long!


The game looks fantastic! Hey Giznads, are you using maniacs patch in this game?

Thank you!
No maniacs patch, as this is not the "official" rm2k3 release.
I am however using DYN Plugins created by members of the community here like, Cherry, AubryTheBard, PepsiOtaku, etc
Plus side is, this game will be free to play for everyone because of that!


This game looks absolutely marvelous! When do you plan on releasing it?

Thank you!
Game is currently in the works, rebuilt from the ground up.
Hope to have a demo out within a month or two!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Page is finally back up!
Brand new screenshots and descriptions, etc.


If you've been interested in the game from my screenshots here, please consider subscribing!
Thanks for all of your feedback over my past posts!


Thanks, my dude!
Heavily edited from a game called Super Robot Wars Alpha.