Indie game maker specializing in music composition and sprite creation.
Intermediate RM2k3 programmer.

Avid fan of classic turn-based & action JRPGs.

Check out my passion project, NIHILO,
a throwback to the 90s Post Apocalyptic/Cyberpunk era.

A throwback to the 90s Post Apocalyptic/Cyberpunk era. Nihilo follows protagonist Estes and his party as they journey to uncover the truth behind The Calamity.




Aren't any save points, my man.
I neglectfully forgot to throw any in this demo.
Next demo will have save states, I assure you.

uh...i have a question, where is the save area? if its the campfire it ain't working

Legend of Heroen

Scratch that, totes working now.

Legend of Heroen

The download link is broken!!!!

Make this work...


Excellent! Definitely hit me up whenevs. Let me know what you think.

I'll give the demo a try and get back to you when I can! Glad to see this is still be worked on.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!
Just finished up my first demo.


Demo's posted now.
Enjoy, maybe. :D

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Working with lighting effects and battles.
Really sorry about the absolute shit quality and in-game lag.
My turd of a processor doesn't seem to mesh well with the game while the screen's being recorded.

Assembling the Void

This game is amazing so far.
Great job!
Loving the detail, and the ABS is really well programmed.


Thank you, man.
Hopefully I'll have a demo out soon.
Still working out a few kinks.