Indie game maker specializing in music composition and sprite creation.
Intermediate RM2k3 programmer.

Avid fan of classic turn-based & action JRPGs.

Check out my passion project, NIHILO,
a throwback to the 90s Post Apocalyptic/Cyberpunk era.

A throwback to the 90s Post Apocalyptic/Cyberpunk era. Nihilo follows protagonist Estes and his party as they journey to uncover the truth behind The Calamity.



Folding Star

Lakria Legends - Nivel (Preview)

Those floating rocks and other assorted floating things add a super nice touch.
It really makes the area.
It's ALL in the details, that's always been my philosophy.
Anywho, looks super fucking nice duder!

Frog Boss

So awesome.
Great job with this project, man.

New Game Play Footage - Skuud City + Random NPC Placement + Skuud Sewers

Thanks, bud! I really appreciate the support.
I've been working on mapping for this city for the past month, and it never feels complete, lol.

Frostglade Forest/Aurora Hills

Beautiful! Loving it.

Skuud City Outer (Updated)

Thank ya s'much, brobo cop!
Really appreciate it.
Also, lookin' forward to your next release.
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