Fan of the RM series since 95, even if I only ever finished something in 2k, VX, and VX Ace. Lover of pasta dishes, popcorn, and carbonated beverages.
Dogs > cats, but cats don't suck.
I'm old enough to have grown up with a rotary phone in the house.



What do you think of Texans?

Another Texan here. Cool things about being Texan:

-We have tex mex and bbq--way better local cuisine than, say, the Northeast, and we dodged all the green chili/red chili shit from New Mexico.
If you mean the clam chowder and other assorted things from the NORTH northeast then carry on. If you don't then you're missing out!

Video game franchises that need to return

For some reason people seem to hate this game, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the Lennus series (the first one was ported over to the states as Paladin's Quest). That series had a really cool aesthetic, soundtrack, and world, and some neat progression, character, and combat mechanics that would be awesome to see further evolved. I recommend both games in the series for rpg aficionados, but Lennus 2 is a more polished experience if you want to hunt down the translation.

I've never played it myself, but a few of my close friends have, and the complaint is the same: You have to cast all your magic from HP. Couple that with limited recovery options (Although I think the potions are full health recovery), and well...artificial difficulty, or so it's been explained to me.

I'd probably parrot the Chrono Trigger (I didn't dislike CC, but come on guys...we need a third game), Phantasy Star (although I did like the online games and thought IV closed out the series pretty nicely, all things considered).

I'm surprised no one's said Castlevania or Mega Man yet. I'll go with those, too.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Etrian Odyssey III. My party's comprised of girl power. I've always been fond of games that let you build your own team (Pokemon, Disgaea, Etrian series, FF Tactics) so it's already a blast.

10/10 Would get mauled into a party wipe by a great lynx again.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Etrian Odyssey Untold on Classic Expert mode (build a party, not the here have an OP party), because I apparently hate myself.

Being blindsided by anything down on B14F is pretty much a sign to just restart, because I'm probably going to wipe. Everything has pierce across line moves and/or random multi-target attacks. EVERYTHING.

RPGMaker MV Community

I remember trying to edit sprites to fit into a hot springs area wayyyyy back in 2k ( passable water tiles with the bush/half transparent check) and trying to make them an opaque vague flesh color. It looked...really, really bad.

side note: Ratty did you ever play through the levels of Sonic 1 and Sonic & Knuckles connected? I used to keep a notebook with all my pass codes I collected written down and it goes well over 200 @_@

RPG Maker MV announced for PC and MAC

I was planing on waiting for the inevitable humble bundle sale to get this since I'm low on cash right now but...I don't want to miss out on those plugins, the graphics converter and the luna engine.

The plugins (Yanfly's, at the very least) will be available from his site after release; it's just the convenience of having them already preloaded. I can't speak for if Yami's and others will have the same conditionals or not.

I haven't heard if the Ace2MV converter is slated to be available outside the preorder deal or not, and the Luna Engine for MV that's included is a demo version.

Random Spam

Glad I missed the shitstorm due to class / test.

On a lighter note, I feel like kentona's avatar at school anymore.

How do you balance skills/monsters/items/chests/equipment?

Eh, I usually make gear and recovery items as I go along, basing them off a template or excel sheet I make to compare stuff to each other.
(Ex: "Greatsword" is what everything is compared to in terms of ATP, so it has a 100%. Say a "wand" has a modifer of 60% atp/ 20% magic atp, katana is 92%, and greataxe is 104%. If we say "tier 5" gear has 100 ATP as a base, that'd leave the wand at 60 ATK / 20 MAG, katana at 92 ATP, greatsword 100 ATP, and greataxe 104 ATP.)

There's really no other way around it for skills and enemies, though. The only way to get a good feel for if they're too weak, too strong, or just right is to test. And test.
And test some more.
You're right, it can be nightmarish.

My personal rule of thumb concerning money is that, assuming we're broke beforehand after buying a set of gear, then running the dungeon and beating the boss without running from any battles should give us just enough cash, give or take, to outfit everyone at the next town / shop upgrade. Selling off old gear will give you some spending money for consumables. If you really want to go over it with a fine tooth comb, keep track of how many items--and what items--you use in the previous dungeons, to get a feel for how many consumables are being used.

You don't want to be like FF1's Marsh Cave, for example, where you can fight a regular battle, get 60GP...and then spend 300GP worth of pure pots to cure poison for the party.

Gonna jump ship for a bit! No, it's not you!

I always get slightly excited when unity's avatar is a character I recognize.

It took me a 3rd glance--when I noticed the background characters--and then it clicked for me, too. Hooray!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Etrian Odyssey IV. Pretty deep into the game (bottom floor of the 4th stratum's dungeon), and having a blast. My party just rolls normal encounters, but bosses are a bit rough. Always a sense of accomplishment when I take one down.