Sometimes when driving down a heavily forrested road I look at the shadows the trees cast and think,
"I wish I had an overlay for that".


Does anyone still play DotA?

I haven't played in awhile and was thinking of starting up again. Does anyone still play this? I've played HoN recently and LoL but I wanted to go back and relive the old game. Anyone who has played this recently, is it worth picking back up again? Also, who is waiting for dota 2?

New MacBook Pros

So, I'm planning to buy a new 15" macbook pro but I'm not sure which of the two models to pick.

MacBook Pro 15" 2.0ghz quad-core intel i7 with a AMD Radeon 6490m 256mb gddr5. (1,799)


MacBook Pro 15" 2.2ghz quad-core intel i7 with a AMD Radeon 6750m 1gb gddr5. (2,199)

I'd really rather not spend the extra 400 dollars but I want to be able to play new games coming out like Crysis 2. Is the better chip worth the money? Also, does anyone know firsthand how well the new macbooks handle games? Aside from the processor and graphics cards the models are the same. I will be using bootcamp ofc.

Thanks in advance.

Problems playing Crysis...

I can't get Crysis to work on my laptop. It is a HP Pavillion dv3 2155mx with a weird video card called:
Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
For some reason many games and even systemrequirementslab doesn't recognize this card. I have installed all of the latest drivers from Intell and HP and even installed and ran the latest BIOS. Everything installed properly and I can't figure out what to do. The game runs and I can play it but the screen refresh rate is very low, and the fps is at around 14. Tons of screen splitting and likes. I have the latest patch for the game and I'm on DirectX 11 if that matters. My OS is Vista Home Premium 64bit. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Putting pictures into a forum topic or review.

How would one do this? I'm hoping to ask opinions on my map for a new project.

Rock and Switch Puzzle

Okay. When making a puzzle where you need to push an object onto a switch you need two variables to represent the x and y coordinates of the object. It seems that the only way to change these variables when the object is pushed is by putting a variable operation on the object where it would say something like:
Conditional branch if hero is facing down
Variable operation 001 Rock Coord Y - 1
Move event - This event
Move down
Conditional branch if hero is facing right
etc, etc, etc.
So with this system in place, if the player pushes the object into a wall the variables still change even though the object's placement never changes. Is there any way to avoid this problem? Unchecking the "Ignore if impossible move" box would just make the rock stuck against the wall unable to be moved.

Time Zones

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I definitely have problems with event deadlines because of the time difference. I think this could solved pretty simply by a small clock, maybe it would be good to go one step further and have a clock count down to deadlines on the event's pages.

Title menu for rm2k3 not working?

I recently switched computers and into vista, so I haven't had a lot of time to explore the change, but for some reason, when I installed rm2k3, my title menu will not display the picture, and the menu box (new game, load, quit) is in the middle of the screen. What do I do?

How do you create avatars

How would you upload a picture for your avatar on this site? Also, how do you make moving ones, or graphics. I have no idea how to do this -.- Im new!

Got a new computer and cannot use rm2k3!

I upgraded my OS to vista premium from XP. I tried finding a install site for rm2k3 online, but none worked. I transfered it from my old computer, and now it doesn't allow me to edit any maps or create new ones! And I've tried several times, but is there a way to make rm2k work on vista?

Looking to buy new lightweight laptop, any suggestions?

Looking for 13 inch, under 5 pounds, 2.2Ghz+ and under 1.5k, vista premium.
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