Sometimes when driving down a heavily forrested road I look at the shadows the trees cast and think,
"I wish I had an overlay for that".


Creating a custom menu (startup) for your game

How would you do this?A game that uses this, is it's good to be a pirate (Mutilang). Which program should I use to create the title screen??

Putting pictures in your games. HELP!

I don't know how to put pictures in my game! I really can't! Well.... What I really need to know
is how to make pictures and make them able to be imported into my game. what file type, program, etc.

Hi! Glue here! (Why am I doing this...?)

I'm new so I guess I have to do this. Other then RPG's I enjoy baseball, soccer, and basketball (but mostly baseball). I like rock, metal, and alternative music. I'm running out of things to write, but I like futuristic rpgs and puzzles. I play bass and guitar, working on drums. (I suck at drums -.-) So anyway...
This site is great!
Oh yeah, I want to learn more about making rpgs, and I don't know how to do some basic stuff >.<
So I could use a lot of help. Oh yeah, I can't post screenshots of my game so I can't post it, I'm not sure why. Please help!

PS: Rei's Ascendence- BEAST GAME!!!
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