I am a begining/ intermediate game maker with no scripting experiance. I use only RPG Maker VX and VX ace with the basic RTP in each. This may seem a little bland, but I am very creative and like what i've come up with.



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I just want to apologize, my mother came into town on Friday as a surprise and I was not able to spend the time I wanted getting a demo together, I will get one up asap

Kendra's Dream

I have been busy, lol. I'm engaged and getting married in 6 months! lol. I'm very glad to be back though! I'm not really needing help at the moment, but that might change, I'll keep you posted.

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Nice to meet you too! I put it on hiatus so I could relearn all I had been doing with it ,so it might be a month or so before an update. Nice to meet you too!

Kendra's Dream

Thanks aurora, I'll get a demo here real soon


I would just like to say that I did not draw this. I found it online by accident while searching for resources for VX ACE. It immediately struck me as being very similar in feeling to my game. At some point I will take this down, but seeing as the project is so new I hope this helps to give an idea of at least one of the game elements, which is a beautiful yet sad story. This is, after all, a RPG :)


I saw it as inspiration, you're right that it was found online but there was no source to credit, is was a freeware search. I just thought that it helped to put across the feeling of the project, since it's so new.

Need help with story progression?

Ok fair enough, well I guess i'll just make one up real quick.

Name: Rivki
Race: Dwarven
Height: 4 Feet
Hair Color: Red
Beard Color: Red
Beard Length: Long, with twin brades
Eye Color: Brown

Class: Enchanter, Rivki is a apprentice for a well known blacksmith and specializes in enchanting armor.
Weapon of choice: Falchion with shield
Alignment: Chaotic Good, Rivki is unhappy with his current level in the social hierarchy and wants to change his social class while helping those less fortunate by solving crime and cleaning up the street gangs.

Rivki is an adult male dwarf, he is at the end of his apprenticeship and is almost ready to take his journyman test and get permission from the Enchanter's guild to travel the dwarven nation providing his services for hire.He is no younger or older than other apprentices/ or journeymen at his level of skill. He is slightly chubby and his hair is short, though his beard is long.

He has a special place in his heart for shiny things and often wears polished buttons or cuff links His life goal is to be know throughout the dwarven nations for his skill and his philanthropy. His personality is candid, he doesn't care about what other people think of the things he says and does. He likes to tell jokes but other's rarely get the punchline and often refer to his jokes as non-sense. Like most dwarves, Rivki is quick to anger.

The nation Rivki is from uses Tattoos to mark status, skill, profession, and crime. Rivki received his class tattoo at his age of majority, which marks him as lower class. His enchanter tattoo's outline is almost completed, which marks his apprenticeship as almost finished and he will soon begin filling it with money earned as a journyman. Once it is comleted he will be considered a Expert, and his Master rank will be earned when the tattoo covers his entire back and both arms from sholder to wrist.

The home Rivki was born in was little more than a camp on the edge of the woods. Unlike most Dwarves, Rivki was born aboveground. The city Rivki trained in is a center for Religious learning and has the largest Citadel of all the dwarven nations. Pilgrims come from all over the world to see it and pray. This many tourists causes an increase in crime, which the upper class to little to deal with. The Rivki's people are extremely prejudice against other races.

Rivki's entire family has recently become addicted to a new kind of mind-altering drug that has been making it's way through the cities underground.

This is just a quick example of the level of detail I can help flesh out of simple stats like the following (this is what Rivki looks like before I got to him). I use a random generator I designed to get the basics. (I roll dice, mostly, lol)

Race: Dwarf
Class: Enchanter
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Family History: Poor
Weapon of Choice: Sword and Shield
Religious: Yes

Tah Dah!

Need help with story progression?

Are your character's flat or one dimensional? Have really great main actors but struggling with your support or antagonists? Do you have an awesome dungeon but have no idea how to tie it into your main story? If you need any help at all with character development, story progression, dungeon map diversity, town diversity, or any other story related elements, feel free to ask here. I'm fairly quick and should be able to help you out the same day, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what I can come up with.

If you're struggling with something but you don't think it fits into the description here, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do.

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Subscribed! I like the description a lot, and the sideview battle idea. I will download and demo in a bit.

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I'm getting something together, I might have a demo by the end of the weekend, I'm glad you're interested! I've been gone from this for so long, it's good to know I can dive right back in :)