I'm Thai. I'm working as a game translator (Thai>Eng & Eng>Thai) for a hobby. We're working as a group as of now.

Contact me anytime if you want your game to be translated.

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Protective Clothing
Five people found themselves in a secluded, abandoned factory. Abducted for unknown reasons, the victims are faced with deadly traps as trust degrades by the minutes.



Protective Clothing

*Updated the steam link in the description

Angel Painting

Updated v1.2e
- Added "Dungeon4" bgm to the game folder
- Added "Fonts" folder
- Changed some line break in the game
- Minor translation errors fixed

I can't also find Baron painting.

It's in the storage room on the left before reaching the church. The key to open that room is behind the angel's picture in the church. You need to have Karen's picture and then interact with the angel's picture several times to get the key.



The prequel game, "LAst WEEK : Another Incident", will be translated by another team! It has not been started yet, but I'll help pointing out the download site when it is published. Sorry for the changing, but both team decided this is for faster and better result (I mean, we took like a year to wrap it up :< so we don't want to repeat this mistake).

If you like this game, please stay tuned and support the next translation work of "LAst WEEK" series handled by them! Thank you!

LAst WEEK -Thai ver2.53- Playthrough by Aito Loli Heart

The Video is broken.



Hey Goddialga, I'm up to the part where Mali discovers Walee on the 3F, the stab mechanic is really buggy so that the only way that it works is if you press S and Enter simultaneously facing Mali (which is impossible to do as pressing Enter triggers a death scene), saw on a Thai let's play which is the only way to advance the story, any help on this would be thoroughly appreciative. ^^

I don't think you can or have to stab her at that point. Some translators in my team suggested that you should try cleaning your body/shovel in the toilet before you met Mali.

Is RTP bad?

For me, it's not really bad, just less interested. But that also depends on the genre. If it's horror or puzzle games then I can take a look at them. I don't exactly know why, but maybe I get used to it. But, if it's RPG with battle system, I usually got less interested. That's because I like to play it in 2.5D or 3D much more, maybe? Or else the graphics need to be unique enough to pique my attention, and RTP is less likely to achieve that.

What are your long-term plans as a game developer?

At the moment, I want to try to open a small company to develop and localize video games in my country. But it might also include making, importing and exporting merchandises, publishing video games abroad and helping third-party indie developers to make their games go further (something like a sponsor maybe).


i downloaded it and started it, but it doesn't show text :( any idea what to do?

This game used CordiaUPC as a default font. We only tested it with Thai people so I'm not sure if this is a common font for all over the world or not. If it's not, I will put a font for you all to download and install it.

*Reuploaded it with Arial font. I hope everyone has Arial since it is a purchased font so I cannot distribute it.


At long last, "LAst WEEK" v3.00 English translation is finally released!

We must apologize for the drastic delay of this game since most of the team members were so busy (one of them even caught a cold)!

Regarding the translation works, it may contains several errors we did not know of since we are non-native speakers and most of us are just students with average English skills level, including me. But, we tried our best to make the dialogues at least as much understandable as possible. We also want to deal with the work and try to polish our skill with our own effort as well. Another problem is, finding professional Thai-to-English translators who interested in an indie game like this and willing to spend their free time to help translating it for free can be really hard here. I've gathered the appropriate translators as best as I can afford.

Though we've found someone here who was willing to help, we encountered some sort of issues which cause us to unable to hand it over to him. And he seems to disappear due to our long absence :< Sorry about this!

Still, feel free to point out any errors you have found, or if you are willing to help in proofreading and editing the dialogues, please tell us! But, we might decline it if there is some sort of complicated issues. We must apologize in advance. Our team is only responsible for translating the dialogues to English language, testing the game and managing the western. We have no involvement in developing it.

If you want to contact us outside of RMN, here are other two options :

I hope you will interest in this horror-exploration game which represent Thai school setting! I am looking forward to your enjoyment and feedback if you are willing to share some! Thank you!


This game looks good! I think I will give it a shot! Anyways, do you have a speculation for the update? If it is not that long, maybe I can wait to try that version later. I don't like to replay the game that much unless there is enough differences. I might interested in translating it to Thai, too! Thank you!