I'm Thai. I'm working as a game translator (Thai>Eng & Eng>Thai) for a hobby. We're working as a group as of now.

Contact me anytime if you want your game to be translated.

Check out our translations so far here:

> Thai/Japanese to English
- https://www.facebook.com/whateverzoneeng
- https://whateverzone.itch.io
- https://whateverzone.tumblr.com
- https://twitter.com/whateverz_one

> English to Thai
- https://www.facebook.com/whateverzonepage
- https://wez.in.th/game
Protective Clothing
Five people found themselves in a secluded, abandoned factory. Abducted for unknown reasons, the victims are faced with deadly traps as trust degrades by the minutes.


[RMMV] Need someone to modify HIME's Timed Choice Selection script.

Hello! I was considered using HIME's Timed Choice Selection script, which will close the choice box and select the cancel choice automatically after some time has passed, in my game. However, its function was limited for a cancel branch choice only. I need it to be able to set up any choice I wanted (or at least where it is highlighted) or calling the common event when the time has run out. I also need the choice to be unable to cancel to make choosing the choices in the game more sensible. This function was possible in VX ACE script so I think it would be possible in MV, too.

Here's the link for HIME's Timed Choice Selection MV script : http://himeworks.com/2016/05/timed-choice-selection/

If it is not possible to edit it and you have another idea of writing the new script instead, please PM me. Thank you very much!

Scroll, persist and change direction for choices/cursors.

Hello! I would like to request plugins for an extra settings for choice and cursor! I used to request this in VX ACE but now I'm planning to use them in MV as well.

*Noted that I might use them in a commercial project so please tell me about your deal and permission.

1. Scrolling choice/cursor
- The cursor on the choice or anywhere (menu/item screen) will scroll from top to bottom (or bottom to top as well if possible)

2. Arrow lock
- Lock the directional button on the choice or anywhere (menu/item screen) so that you can only press confirm or cancel. This can be combined with the previous method to make an unmovable scrolling choice.

3. Persist Choice
- Return the choice highlighted to a specified choice no matter how much the player trying to choose another choice within a specified time. (e.g. The first choice is persisted and I want to choose the third choice. I have to move to the second choice and press a confirm button fast enough or else the choice highlighted will return to the first one.)

4. Direction Changing
- Change how the cursor works normally. For example, when I press Up, the cursor go Down instead. Setting the input at will is optional (press Z to move Up etc.). The minimum requirement is to inverse the cursor movement (especially during choice or item selection) from Up to Down whenever I want.

You can do some of them if you don't want to complete all requests! If someone is willing to help, I'd be really grateful! Thank you very much!

*I also included the demo for VX ACE if you would like to get the better idea on how they work.

*Credit to Black Mage from gdunlimited for 1.-3. and Marrend from RMN for 4. script in VX ACE.

*I also posted this here : https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/scroll-persist-and-change-direction-for-choices-cursors.84993/ , http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/41114-scroll-persist-and-change-direction-for-choicescursors/

[RMVX ACE] "Love x Lust" choice-based VN/RPG game

*Commissioned by Lady G

"Love x Lust", a choice-based RPG/Visual Novel game about confessing your love and save the world from the lust!

(Very rough and unfinished. Just to show the idea of the gameplay.)


Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace ​

*(The reason I used this engine is simple enough. It's because of the knowledge and an experience with it. It also has some abilities to utilize what I need that I don't know how to do it in Ren'Py, dinosaur or other engines. And I'm too bothered to study all of them. I personally don't like programming that much anyways.)

One day, an angel named Luvi appeared before a boy named Gris and told him he is a "Tag Puller", the one who can save this world from the lust-spreading machine, Xesor. Gris needs to find his true love and retrieve the "Vanilla Tag" from her and use it to stop the machine before it plunged humanity down into the lust.

But, things aren't so easy with an intervention from Luzi, a demon who want to spread the lust throughout the world. And Afylos, a mysterious scientist whose goal is to use Xesor machine to erase the sexual hormones and reproduction system in order to achieve "true love" he believed in. Can Gris and Luvi be able to save the world and stop those enemies? Find out in the journey ahead!

*Noted: It is not a direct H-games but it does contains some elements relating to sexual things.


1. Gris: The main protagonist of the game. A boy who becomes a "Tag Puller".
A bit harsh and straightforward, but righteous and overprotective toward girls in trouble.

*My adopted I bought from Mook Mook Mook Mook

2. Nay: Gris's senior. Gentle, modest and clever like a perfect ideal girl. But she has a hidden side.
(The size of the butterfly hair clip will be reduced.)

*My adopted I bought from Donny Artery

3. Luula: Gris's junior in school. Energetic and jovial. Favors boys's love and like to tease guys, including Gris.
(Her legs will be changed into the human's. Her tail and cape will also be removed.)

*My adopted I bought from Donny Artery

4. Cheiria: Gris's classmate. A little bit shy and clumsy. She has a secret behavior that no one could know.
(Her heart eyes will be removed.)​

*By PLukung

5. Luvi: An angel who came from heaven to find "Tag Puller" in order to stop Luzi and save the world from the lust.​

*By PLukung

6. Luzi: A demon who came from hell to manipulate people into the lustful ones. She's also trying to stop the "Tag Puller" and protecting "Xesor" machine.​


7. Afylos: A mysterious scientist man whose goal is to eradicate the lust in human by using the Xesor machine to erase the sexual hormones and reproduction system.

*By Lady G

8. Unsa: A self-proclaimed android who assists Afylos in anything he needs. (Just doing a rough transparency process.)​

And a lot more characters will appear in the game!

*Noted that those arts are just a character design art.

- Visual novel storytelling style.
This game will use mostly texts and pictures. No controllable sprites and tilesets.

- Collecting various Tags in the "Tag Pulling" conversation!!
Choosing the best choices to persuade the "Tag Holders" and pull their tags in the "Zone"!

- Dating Simulation System!
Strengthen your relationship with 1 of 3 girls until she falls in love with you! Try interacting with her by talking, giving things, dating and a lot more!

- Time System!
Choosing what you are going to do in your day! Each actions you choose will consume your time differently.

1. Types of "Tag" - There are two ways to define the types.

- By "Name" : There are "Blank Tag" and "Named Tag".

> "Blank Tag" are the mass-produced version of an incomplete "Named Tag". It can increase one's attraction and lust to a certain level. But, it is not as specific and strong as the "Named Tag". The "Tag Pulling" will be a lot more easier in this case. It might be identical to a normal battle in most RPG games.

> "Named Tag" are the tags with a specific name on it, which defined what power it holds. There is only one "Named Tag" for each name. It is similar to the boss battle in RPG games.

You can use the "Blank Tag" to give the "Named Tag"'s power in order to recharge its power in order to use the Tag Skill. Each "Named Tag" consumes different amount of "Blank Tag". It can also be used to upgrade the "Named Tag" and "Act" effects or acquire some new "Act".

- By "Category" : The Tags have three categories.

> Chara(Beige); defining character, appearance or personality, such as Tsundere, Loli etc.

> Act(Black): defining actions or feelings, such as Vanilla, Blackmail etc.

> Object(Brown): defining objects or body parts, such as Stockings, Armpit etc.

"Blank Tags" (Grey) can technically be any or none of these categories, maybe just one or even mixed up.

*Character by Elzee (Placeholder)

2. "Tag Pulling" and "Conversation" - In order to collect the Tag, you will have a conversation with a "Tag Holder" within a special area called the "Zone". There are three types of main actions to choose.

- Act : Interacting by using various kinds of action. There are two default sub actions.

> Listen : Listen or wait for the other without acting anything.
> Talk : Tell something or ask some questions.

*There will be more additional actions.

- Inventory : Using whatever inside your own bag.

> Items : Use various items to help you in a Tag Pulling, such as .
> Tags : Activate their various helpful skills, such as reading the holder's mind, viewing some part of a message log etc.

- Pull Tag : Pull out the tag to end the "Tag Pulling" conversation. There are 6 levels show as a percentage for the success rate. 0%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. It can be changed depends on your actions. If you failed to pull it, it will be a game over.

There are also a "Negative Levels" for the main character which show as the same with the tags pulling levels. It increases if you choose the wrong choices or acting recklessly. If it reaches 100%, it will also be a game over.

*Character by ppppantsu.blogspot.com (Placeholder)
*Script and pictures for script by Moghunter

"Named Tags Pulling" will be harder and longer than "Blank Tags" ones. And the "Named Tags Holder" also wields special skills such as timed choice, QTEs, button-mashing, scrolling choices etc.

3. Time System & Interactions

*Bedroom picture by Chocolate Berry
*Kitchen picture by BASS
(All of these are just placeholders.)

There will be Sun.-Mon. cycles and each days will feature different events. There will be an options for you to choose what to do and where to go in each days. Each actions will consume different "Time Slots". There are 6 slots in total, 5 for morning to evening and 1 for night. But, you have to spend 2-3 slots in the school during weekday. You can also save your progress in your house.

You only have 49 days or 7 weeks (Not yet decided) in order to get the "Vanilla Tag". If you failed, it will lead to a Bad End. Also, you can tell Luvi anytime after you get the Tag or just waiting until it reaches the last day as it will promptly lead to the Xesor machine's event.

4. Raising an affection and Confessing

*Commissioned by Mayko

Since your primary goal is to find true love and collect the Vanilla Tag, you will need to raise an affection towards the 1 out of 3 girls you want with a 10 points head start. An affections can be increased or decreased depends on your actions in each an amount of 5-15. But it may require multiple actions or time, e.g. giving a flower 5 times for a 5 affection (so, it's like each flower give 1).

You can raise any other people's affections as well but most of them won't be higher than 50 with an exception of the girls. You can't raise affection over 75 with more than one girl or else it will lead to a Bad End. There will also be a special event in every 25 you achieved for every possible characters.

You can check everyone's affection level from asking Luvi. It won't consume any time slot so feel free to ask!

You can confess anytime once you have reached 25% or more affection level. Your success rate will depends on your affection level range. For 25-49 = 1/8 , 50-75 = 1/4 , 76-99 = 1/2 and 100 = 3/4. But, when reaching 100 affections, there will be one last special events which will guarantee the succession. And there's a 50% chance that the girl will come confessing to you by herself, which is basically 100% succession if you accepted her!

*Noted that these system are all just a production plan. They might have changed later.

- Story & Developer: Goddiga (me) and few from Whateverzone (Not yet certain).
- Music: Ryan Fogleman, DaveyBright, black-san, http://wingless-seraph.net/material-music.html
- Character Designs Idea: Goddiga (me)
- Character Designs Illusts: MA-EYES, Natsu'no.to, PLukung and Donny Artery
- Character Portraits & Event CGs: Not yet decided.
- Background: Mayko (Main Planned) , Greerenz (Planned&Spare1)
- Interfaces: Goddiga (me) , Kurovector (Tags) and ItaHoly (Windowskin)
- Logo: Kurovector
- Scripts: Galv, Tsukihime, Black Mage, Kyoui (modification), Enelvon, NerdiGaming, Yanfly, Moghunter

More Screenshots:

All of these are just still in a production plan and major changes can be made. I'd like to know your feedback about the gameplay and the summary plot so feel free to comment! I also planned to release this commercially if the crowdfunding goes well (not now). If not, I might have to find other ways to hire artists or release it for free.

Thank you very much!

Show pictures when choosing a choice.

*Pictures from BASS and pinterest

Hello! I would like to know if there's a script that can show picture when you are at the choices but not yet pressing any button.

The background picture shows your current location and the small picture in the yellow square frame show the place you will go when you are at that choice and when you press the button to choose that choice, the background will change into that small picture or moving to an event. There will be some choices that don't show small frame pictures, too. I'd like it to have "Events" and "Places" or something like that at first, and there will be some pictures being showed for the other choices within them.

1. Events (No small picture) --> 1.1 Talk with A (Show A's picture) 1.2 Talk with B (Show B's picture) 1.3 Go back (No picture)
2. Places (No small pictures) --> 2.1 Park (Show park's pic) 2.2 Go back (No picture)

Also, I would like to know how to make a picture as a choice just like in the picture.

If there's not one, I'd need to request it. I'd be really grateful if someone would interest in this!

*I was planning on putting this in my commercial game, but I was preparing for a crowdfunding in Indiegogo right now (Kickstarter doesn't support my country orz). If it's a success, I will sell it. And I will pay you for this script. If it doesn't, I will publish the game for free. And this script will be just a request until I started to sell it again.

Thank you very much for your interested!

[RMVX ACE] Finding artists for my Angel & Demon's Pictures + Emotions

I already have the design. But, the previous artist was too busy to finish the work. So, I'd like some help for the picture.

Resource Type: Character Pictures + Emotions (From head to thigh)

Maker Format: Ace

Art Style: Japanese.. Manga.. Your own drawing.. Visual novel style.. Something like that.

Description: Redrawing in a side direction. Transparent background. Around 250*480 px or similar ratio.

Angel's eyes color are blue.
Demon's eyes color are red.

Angel's emotions - 1.Happy 2.Sad 3.Shock 4.Normal (not smile) 5.Angry 6.Shy
Demon's emotions - 1.Normal (not smile) 2.Evil smile 3.Angry 4.Sad

Angel's story - An angel of love who came from heaven to stop the demon from luring humans to fall into lust.
Demon's story - A demon of lust who came from hell to spread the lust to human.

The posture can be similar to the reference or be changed if you would like.

Reference Images: They are exactly look like this. But redrawing in a side direction.

Angel -


Demon -


You can take one or both. Please show me your drawing style before drawing if that's okay with you. You can sketch them first or send the whole thing.

If you need more information, feel free to ask.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you very much!

[RMVX ACE] Choices & Screen Script

Hello! I have a very weird ideas to put in my game. About the script involving with choices and screen.

**{DONE}1. Reverse the directional button when you are trying to choose a choice. Like, when you press Up, it went Down instead.

2. Unable to press confirm and cancel buttons as well as directional buttons (for directional I can use another script though).

<< About the second one, in fact, I want a script for the choice to move by itself to whichever choices I want and it confirm that choice automatically without players doing anything and cannot cancel it. But I can make it somehow with the current script that Black Mage had written along with Tsukihime's Window Timer. The only problem is cancelling the confirm and cancel button temporarily.

3. Flip the screen upside-down including message boxs and message in it and choices and everything. (So, the A will look ∀. If it's not possible then I am going to use the flipping-upside-down texts instead.)

I don't know if these are possible, but I really want to include them in my game. They are optional, though. But, it would be a great pleasure if somebody take an interest to do it and help me. Thank you very much!

[RMVX ACE] I need help for proofreading my translation works.

Hello! I'm a non-native English speaker. I'm Thai and still just a student. I'm doing the translation works with both Thai>Eng and Eng>Thai as of now (so you can tell me if you want your game to be translated to Thai :3). We're doing it as a group right now, though.

My (I was doing this one alone) current Thai>Eng work is this one : http://rpgmaker.net/games/8197/

*("Seems" is going to change into "looks like" in the next update.)

Summary :
Ann, Karen and Baron got lost in the forest while they were wandering around the forest to find a way back home. Along the way, they found an abandoned building in the midst of the forest. The rain was falling and they had no choice but to take shelter in that creepy-looking place. They hope that they could safely get some rest until their parents find them. But then, a strange thing occurred. Ann woke up and found herself alone in the room where she supposed to be staying with her friends. She wandered around the building to find her missing friends. Because of that, she is going to meet "something" she always dreamed of. She will soon discover the secret of this place, and her own past.

I'm not exactly sure about the description but I thought it's already okay.

The in-game texts still seems to be not perfect, though.
The problem is a grammar. I don't really know how many and which sentences that went wrong.

Maybe this post might also has some errors, too. :<

So, if possible, I'd like to ask for your help.
And there's also "LAst WEEK" which is going to be our next work. I also need help on that, too.

We might give you something as a reward. Maybe a request for fanart.

Thank you very much! :3
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