I was legitimately trying on my horror game then realized it was unintentionally hilarious.


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Now I need to decide if I want to keep it or scrap it. It has potential either way I think!
This is why I just stuck to making a comedy horror. Way easier.
@solarlune Yeah, they are great, they seem a bit easy though. Not that easy things are bad though, you know? I think I might just go with it and make it ridiculous.

@Pizza I was definitely considering doing a comedy horror game for the same reason earlier. I wanted the challenge, but uh, I don't think I'll have the time for that.
Be sure to make the ending "it was all a dream"
Submit it to the All Hallows Event.
Worst case scenario : 50 Makerscore.
ask yourself how many times you've screamed at badly-done comedy versus how many times you've laughed at badly-done horror and the answer becomes obvious
Submit it to the All Hallows Event.
Worst case scenario : 50 Makerscore.

That's the plan! Ooh, and I'm planning to get at least one review done this month so I could get up to 1000 makerscore finally.

@mawk The answer is indeed an obvious one, sunglasses kitty buddy~<3
You the practice of self-promotion
Well, let's see if you can get your review in before Addit does and break the five-way tie in which I am myself included. Although, Addit will have clear sailing until you finish your entry into the Event.

And yeah, making it into the 1K ms club is a milestone worth striving for.
Heuheuhue... I know something you don't know~

But that's for the future~ ^.^

That said, either way I'm looking forward to it, Gourd. I kinda maybe want to create a mini-horror game but... well, MaMa. I might try another 1day creation type. Maybe. Perhaps. Urgh. >.<;

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