Just got Suikoden 2's perfect ending and I see why Libby loves the game so much~<3


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Nanami is by far my favorite character after that ending. Seeing that she did actually think the way I thought she did, the way she cared about the hero SO much as to do what she did near the end just got to me.

<3 Nanami forever <3

Same. Nanami's awesome~<3 I don't know why so many people hate her! Of course, I also love Flik and Viktor, among many others. I even like Yuber, for all that he's evil. XD

Glad you enjoyed it though, Gourd. It's easily one of my favourite games.

Did you notice the care taken in the battle system to show how people who were close protected each other? Like, when Nanami and Riou are in the party, if he falls, she goes berserk? Or if she's 'in the red' he jumps to protect her at times? It's such a small detail but it really helps battles seem more about people than just attacking and killing.

Oh, and that Luca~ One of the best villains in an RPG in my opinion.

Who were your fave characters? And villains? Favourite scene and musical piece? (Did you play the American version? It was missing a lot of the songs in places.)
I think it was the American version actually. When I recruited the singing girl (Annallee I think?) I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be able to hear her song, but it was just silence. Fav characters were Hai Yo, Siegfried, Luc (loveable jerk~<3), Flik was really cool, Mukumuku was also a favorite (as well as his family). I used Clive a lot though I wasn't too big on him. Luca Blight was really cool, it was really sickening when he had people crawling around on the ground making fools of themselves, etc. About Jowy... I really didn't like him as much as the game probably wanted me to. I understand that his situation mirrored the main character's but the fact that he didn't see that assassination and leaving his friends wasn't the right thing to do baffles me. Then he STILL insisted that Riou and him needed to fight, still insisted on lying to his friend even when he was feeling bad about it. What I did like were the scenarios and feels I got from Nanami, Pilika, and especially Riou trying to interact with him. I salvaged a little bit of like for him by chalking it up to his rune making him go crazy.

My favorite scenes were the ones where Flik and Nina are talking on the roof. It's so adorable <3. No particular favorite piece of music comes to mind, sorry! I did notice berserk Nana once, though I didn't ever see that other thing. Oh, close second favorite scene is when you recruit Siegfried!
@random: You should check them out - it's a series set in the same world at different times, focussing on war and rebellion. Since it's set in the same world you can see people from one game in the next or their relatives/ancestors. Just to break it down:
Suikoden IV > 143 > Suikoden V > 6 years later > Suikoden 1 > 3 years later > Suikoden II > 15 years later > Suikoden III

It also has some magnificent music, story, great gameplay mechanics in some areas (random battles are always a bit traditional, even when mixed up, but there's always war battles and duels, too) and you'll always find at least one or two characters to love.

@Gourd: I forgot the whole Nina/Flik thing. XD Their whole dynamic made me laugh. Did you ever get to see some of the bathing scenes? Some of them are pretty funny!

You should try out Suikoden V if you enjoyed II - the rest all take different approaches to story telling that didn't work out too well (though they were interesting in their own way) but V is when they decided to do the ol' tried and true again. I'll admit it starts off a little slow but it's worth playing.

They all are, even the dreaded #4, since they each open up a little more of the world to the player. Although, if you're going to play 4, you need to consider it as part of a duology and play Tactics right after. They made the mistake of splitting the story into two games.

The battle thing - with protecting and berserking - was for people who were close or had feelings for each other. So, say, Flik and Viktor; Nina > Flik; Hix <> Tengaar and so forth. Some people will even jump in to save Riou at random if he's low on health if they don't have a relationship with him. It was a small detail that you don't see often unless you're really bad at the normal battles. XD

Yeah, Jowy kinda pissed me off. Poor Viktor, having his girl killed like that. :< That said, I was happy to see them all reunited again in the good ending. Did you know there were different endings to the game? Like, when Nanami asked Riou to run away with her, if you choose to do so twice the game ends. XD

Also, there's reason for a speed run with Clive. If you go fast and find all the clues left behind for him, which amounts to reaching the end within 20 hours, you get a scene with he and Eliza. I won't say it's worth it - I've played the game at least 10 times and I've only made it once - but it is there to encourage a speed run and does give a little more information about their group - which comes up slightly in Suikoden V.

Did you find the secret level-up area? On your way to Muse there's the border to Matilda north of the city. When you go in there a gate blocks the way. Push up against it and it'll move (it's a glitch). Head straight to the town north of there, grab Humphrey and Futch and go grind. You'll jump to about level 30 within a few battles. ^.^
There's actually quite a few glitches in the game.

I'd say one thing the game did really well, too, was the mini-games. The chef battles were lots of fun, chichiro was okay and the rope climbing game was a bit addictive.
I definitely didn't know about a lot of that! I think I may have heard about the Clive thing, but the rest I didn't see. Except the mini games, of course! Cooking is my favorite because it's so silly. And the rope climbing game was really cool too, I played that for a day or two! I was not a fan of the dice minigame though...

All in all I would play it again if I get the time. Maybe not immediately but someday. I'd put it up there with my favorite games too~<3
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
"Iron Chef Hai Yo" is the best mini-game ever. Then, there was the credits after that mini-game was resolved. It made both my brother and I do a double-take!

I always make it a point to go through the motions to get Tir (the original Suikoden hero) just for the Unite attack he has with Riou. Though, seeing Gremio alive and well puts a smile on my face. Also, Soul Eater is a pretty weird/interesting rune.
Isn’t the Suikoden series mostly a strategy based RPG?

I’m usually not much of fan of those types of games. I think the only one that I thought was pretty enjoyable was the Shining Force series back on the Genesis, mainly because you only had 12 party members to take care of and it was kind of simple for the first time player. I was never into those types of games where you had to take control of huge, massive armies of party members making it a pain for level grinding. (Let’s see, do I evenly level up everybody or just one kickass unit?)

One of these days, I’ll check out the series, but not right now.
(Although, I constantly hear nothing but praise for the series, especially Suikoden 2.)
I don't know. Why not just stay behind caring for her wounds and letting Riou know she's safe? Why fake her death and let him keep on fighting with that kind of sorrow weighting on him? He just lost his sister! He's only more prone to take risks now! Seriously, Nanami's reasoning made no sense at all... I guess there's no escaping the fact that the whole soap-opera-esque scenario was just a cheap way to mimic Gremio's resurrection at the end of Suikoden 1. And then they go and try to pull the same nonsense in Suikoden 5 (And 4, kinda). That's why Suikoden 3 is the better game. People stay dead in that one. No happy endings. :|
@Ae Yeah, she did go a little overboard there, though I don't think Riou would've wanted to leave Nanami's side if she was stuck at the castle. And that would've been even worse on the poor girl. I think she faked her death more for herself than for Riou, but I do agree that there's still a bit of a problem with the way she was thinking.

@Addit Nah, the strategy part is pretty sparse. It's mainly normal RPG through out.

@Marrend Uh, yeah, the credits thing was really weird. I wonder if there was any particular reason for that?
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