French videogames enthusiast!


Hello, bonjour

Greetings RMN folks,

I am new to the site, but not new to RPG Maker though I am a user (player) and not a maker. As my presentation claims I am a Frenchie and a middle age dood, hitting 40 this end of year.

My preference in RM engine votes for RM2k3, where I found and find the most creative offerings and gameplay wise have a bias for sideview battles and ATB. I dig surreal and funky artstyle à la Yume Nikki / OFF and kinda dislike strictly frontview battles (open to like them more but I may need recommendations) and obviously bad fangames. Basic RTP use doesn't bother me though. (if not overdone)

Site wise, I fancy devoting some time trying to be helpful with casual testing, bugfixing, looking for, sharing and trying out Rare/Obscure RpgMaker games. (hi LordBlueRouge)

That's it, cheers and thank you for having me already! :)
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