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Well,Well I decided to return

Well I decided to return to RMN.
So uh yeah I'm back if anyone gives a shit.


This Place has just been an ass to me.
I have been just wastedf in 2 damn days.
If any of you really give a shit about me leaving
then post. Other than that I am leaving the

Nightmare Rules

Nightmare is a darker game than Arcanica.

Character Creation
1) Grab a sheet of paper.
2) Write Your Name Down.
3) Write These Stats Down, Physical,Mental and Energy.
4) Then Write These two things down as well. Life and Psycic Energy.
5) Make a column called Skills.
6) Make a column called Powers.
7) Grab a 3d6.
8) Roll a 1d6 for each stat whatever you roll is that stat's value.
9) Pick 2 Powers From This List:
Brain Control-Take Control of 1 Target for 1 turn.
Tromatize: Make one Target Scared of Something
Tranqulizer: Make target fall asleep.
Nightmare: If The Target is asleep Roll 1d6 and add mental and energy stats.
Psycic Beam: Shoot a beam of light at a target.Roll 1d6 for damage. Don't add any stats.
illuminate: Light up an area with brain power.
Outsmart: Double Mental Stat For 1 Turn.
Psy Punch: Create a Psycic Punch. Roll 1d6 for damage and add Physical and Mental.
That is the level 1 Power List I'll make a new post with level 2 and above spells later.
10) Pick 5 skills from this list. Their value is equal to your mental stat.
Psycic Phocus-(Its suppsposed to be spelled like that)
First Aid
11) Your Done Now the last step is to but stuff. You Have 20$
Baseball bat
Leather Jacket
Bling Bling
High Heels
First Aid Kit
Sweat Pants
Thug Hat
Baseball Cap
Everything Costs 10$.
12) Now Your Done.

How to Decide Turn Order:
We Go By Age.
What Do You Do on a Turn?

1) The Youngest Goes First and Oldest Goes Last The Game Master Goes Last.
2) When it is your turn this is what you can do.
3) First the Group Decides what to do.
4) Then they choose a sacrifice (Remember this game takes place at night all the time.)
5) The Sacrifice is then Removed from the current round. He or She Can Still post jsut can't do anything in-game.
6) Next Round The Sacrifice Comes Back.
7) If You Can't choose a sacrifice then the oldeset becomes the sacrifice.
8) The Game Master Gives you the encounters and stuff.
9) End the turn or round.

1) Turn order is still the same.
2) Select an Action from these four commands
3) For Your Attack Simply Roll 1d6 and add Physical.
4) Shoot just roll 2d6.
5) Just Use 1 of your powers all 1st level power cost 1 Psycic Energy.
6) Use 1 of your items.
That is it.

How do I decide my max Life?
Roll 2d6 and add Physical and subtract Mental. You Automaticly start with 10 just add and subtract the stats,
How Do I Decide My Max Psycic Energy?
Same way for Life just Swap the Add Physical with Add Mental and Subtract Mental with Subtract Physical.

Want to run your own Nightmare Game sure why no go ahead go ahead make your own settings. Just remember to make a sign up sheet.

Arcanica Sign-Ups

Okay So This is My First Arcanica Game so if you want to know the rules just look for one of my earlier posts that says all the rules this just a sign up.
Go read the rules print if you have to.
first 7 people to post sign up.

Basic Summary of Arcanica
A Simple RPG with dice and old school stuff so it is a fantasy RPG.
If you want to know more PM me or read my rules post.

Arcanica (A Set of Rules I Just made Up)

Arcania is a set of rules that I made jsut now so here we go.

Stuff You Need:
Printer Paper-Pencil
3d6 (3 6 Sided Dice)
A Computer
A Keyboard
A Mouse.
1) On Your Sheet of Paper write down the name of your character and 3 stats.
2) Roll a D6 for each stat.
3)To Decide Who Goes First Roll the D6 and add your speed stat. If you have a tie with someone just keep rolling over and over until you get a greater number.
4) After creating your character and getting the turn order set up The Game Master (GrandValorGames) does all the story and crap you role play and then you get into a battle.
5) In battle you can either cast your spells or wack the monster with your weapon. For spells you roll and then add magic stat.When you attack roll and add strength stat.
As Simple as that and then add rewards and experience.

About Leveling Up:
To Level Up You Simply put one point into one stat.
Starting HP:
Start With 10 add Strength Subtract Magic.
Getting Spells:
Simply Read Spellbooks or Use a Scroll to Cast A Spell.
Wanna do Your Arcanica Forum game with your own setting?
Sure Feel free just go ahead. I'm running a game today right now.
I'll post whenever I come out with a new Arcanica Game or a New Edition of rules or whatever.

Favorite Game On a Floppy Disc?

Baldur's Gate and Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall
What Are Your Favorite Floppy Disc Games?

Greetings Friends of the RMN.

I am GrandValorGames I create games.
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