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Chain of Retribution
A rivalry between sisters threatens to tear down a nation.



Chain of Retribution

YOU might be busy with your own thing, but I have all the free time in the world! Maybe I will make Chain of Retribution 2 all by myself!

Coming soon... on XBox Live Arcade.

Chain of Retribution

Something I realised that was not explained during the tutorial while watching your LP:

All the characters have a different set of skills from one another that are influenced by the Gems they have equipped, so even though both Siegmund and Reinhardt will get Air elemental skills with an Air Gem, what specific skills they get will be different from one another. (like Bio Strike for Reinhardt at LV2 versus Air Guard for Siegmund at LV2)

Thus, each character ends up with a radically different skill list even using the same set of Gems, so they end up playing differently from each other instead of being blank slates influenced solely by their equipment.

Chain of Retribution

Yay, it's finally done, can't wait for feedback.

The time of release is nearing!

To be fair, all of us got REALLY good at the game so we'd end up just breezing through the entire thing anyway. Not really able to accurately estimate how long it should really take.

Mont Asall

Now I get to complain that Ocean doesn't "get" roguelikes and is a complete disgrace to the genre!

Chain of Retribution

That was marimo.

Chain of Retribution

Random fact, working title for this was SADNESS OF THE AXE at one point. I have no idea why, ask Ocean.


I'm really happy with how this turned out (barring a certain gameplay issue), and I hope this wins the contest. It was fun working with you dude, although you did all of the real work.
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