There is no CSS problem that can't be solved by liberal use of display:inline-block


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Why yes I am staring daggers at you Chrome!

(Opera master browser)

e: For a bonus fixing something in Chrome required flagging something as a float. A lot of headaches come from floats so that was some fun irony.

e2: bahahahahaha the inline-block fix needed to get chrome to do what I want it to do looks like shit on chrome. Every browser currently looks different (Chrome's font drawing+scaling is shit, IE is using a different font for the special characters, and Opera master browser looks the best). Time to rethink my vision and/or concede defeat and do the header in an image with no css trickery.
Why the fuck is Opera still the best fucking browser? Like, seriously Chrome, pull up your goddamn socks.

Opera 12.16 or Opera 19 or whatever it is now?
I am terrified of updating because Opera works so well right now and I don't want to break it with updates, so 12.16 for me for now.
And this is why we need one standard rendering system across all browsers... <_<
"My father told me this would happen."
Chrome sucks in general as it is. This is just further proof.

Also, floats? Really? Do other browsers require that?
Here's the issue spot when

.addthis_default_style .addthis_counter.addthis_bubble_style {
float: left !important;

Isn't set:

In order of Opera, Firefox, IE, and Chrome. FF is actually the best looking! Opera is still master browser
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