Once a year I forget why I never update apps on my phone and do so. I always regret it.


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This time my music player got a major revision update that made it look like shit and removed critical functionality (dynamic playlists). I had quite a few set up and I'd change them on the fly based on what I wanted to listen to. Want to use a playlist of songs that I rated 4 stars or higher? Done! Maybe mix in a genre or something too. There is a legacy version now available for $2 though so I can at least get that. Gotta pay more for less.

Last time where a system update made my phone want to randomly warn me when the music volume is high. Thanks for killing my music while driving fuckers!

e: So the dynamic playlists are still in. The UI was changed so there's the set playlists in one place w/o the dynamic ones, and there's another place where you can view playlists which does include the dynamic ones. Maybe I won't blow money on the legacy version now but christ it feels like updates to software has a 50:50 chance of making it worse.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
This is how I feel with every update to Google Play Music.
I remember when spotify was actually good.
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