Send me all your neat game ideas! I will filter them and make a cool game that I will give you no credit for!


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--metroidvania with Clyve
--figure out GM
--work on and solidify story and dialog and characterization
--Humans as a cultivated doomsday weapon
STAUTS: prototyping
- A commercial project spearheaded by Clyve. It is a Metroidvania (heavy on the vania) made in GameMaker. My contribute to the project is plot/story and eventually level editing (once we get to that stage). We are currently in the process of prototyping our game's engine. If anyone wants to chat about the plot/story I've come up with, shoot me a PM.

Nu Supra Mairo Bors
x--Original mairo gam
--Compile list of level ideas
--Mid-stage checkpoint will be SMB1 style with flag. Collect 3 green stars per level. Castles (and some bonuses) locked behind stars. Start of level is black background and level name logo. Green coins = star, simple level layout for those.
STATUS: preliminary level brainstorming
-I just compiled and released Orgnial Supra Mairo Bors., a collection of my previously made levels. Next step is to assess those ideas and make a new cohesive game out of them.

Settlers of Kentan
--map out plot
--map out levels/ideas
--refine script
--improve gameplay
STATUS: built in BQ6
-make a full-fledged game out of this Befuddle Quest 6 mini-game.

Aether Pulse
--make-my-own-game project - attempt to make 100% custom resources game
--finish resources
--sound effects?
STATUS: hiatus
-this game has stalled because I lost my gammak mojo. Hoping to recover it soon...

How To Evolve Your Dragon
--GM game to mimic EVO
--need to get good at GM
STATUS: not started
-This was going to be an EVO-like game (because EVO is awesome), except with DRAGONS. To be made in GM, but I have to actually LEARN GM to make this.

The Unicorn of Death / Alicorn
--has a decent plot
--Despite has expressed interest in reviving project
--the plot and characters from this group project are interesting - try to revive project
STATUS: limbo
-Despite and I wanted to make a game, and I have what I think is an interesting plot and characters. Can it be revived?

The Children of the After
--big VX Ace game
--have skeleton plot
--need to get good at Ace
STATUS: brainstorming phase
-This was going to be an epic sci-fi RPG made in VX Ace.

Veridian Dance
--hybrid RTS/RPG
--what engine?
STATUS: not started
-a RTS/RPG hybrid game idea I had, but is largely undeveloped. I haven't even thought about it enough to determine what the most appropriate engine for a game like this might be.

Android Dryad
--IRM android game
--is there going to be a different engine available? EasyRPG?
--AI movie
STATUS: not started
-I found an RPG maker that makes Android games. I want to try it out, but EasyRPG might be a better alternative. Waiting on EasyRPG android porting status.

The King and Guy
--implement ideas from Interactive Storytelling textbook to see how they pan out
--intended to be a short game but with a great multitude of branching story paths
--no magic users/classes
STATUS: not started
-I read a book on interactive storytelling, and I have a desire to try out some of the theories. This was going to be a short RPG game but with many branching paths and NO MAGIC.

--ambitious group/community game with retro graphics (either using Generica as base or port to VX/Ace)
--There has been an interest with my staff in making a community RPG chaingame
STATUS: limbo
-anyone remember this? It was going to be an ambitious group/community game with retro graphics (either using Generica as base or port to VX/Ace). There has been a revived interest in a community chaingame RPG though...

Forgotten Lands clone
--super fun time management/resource game - try to recreate (Unity? Construct?)
STATUS: not started
-This is a super-fun time management/resource game - and I want to try to recreate this style of game (Unity? Construct? GM?). Really needs mouse support to implement.

The Imaginarium Kids in "There's Snow Stopping Us Now!"
--quick RPG based on that Game Chill 2013 banner
--4 kids would have to defeat the deranged mutant killer monster snow goons.
-The story was going to revolve around three kids off on an imaginative adventure to "Snow Mountain". Despite going together, each kid has a distinctive idea of what the adventure was about. The headstrong girl insists that she is a Princess with her two retainers, a brave knight and a wise scribe, and were there to save the Dwarves' dinner party - their golden plates were stolen by mischievious goblins who took them deep into the mountain! The brash older boy says that they are a clan of ninjas there to retrieve a mystical harp from the Ice Dragon so that they may free their village from the grips of winter. The quiet boy says that they are scientists investigating strange happenings at the mountain and discover an ancient alien spacecraft and an impending invasion! With them is the girl's dog Pupcake who, depending on the adventure, takes on different roles himself (a fierce dog, a spirit wolf, or a robot dog).
-After 3 brief "levels" introducing each of the kid's adventure, they have arguments on whose story to follow. So between each level you get to decide who wins and that determines the next floor's theme. Skills and equipment found in one theme would transfer to another, so by the end you could be a wizard ninja wielding a laser rifle if you like! At the end, they discover that all of the problems were the machinations of an evil Frosty and his magic top hat.
-In real life most of their "equipment" is just refashioned hockey sticks and toy weapons and garbage can lid shields.
STATUS: not started

Good morning! You have amnesia!
--make an RPG based on the RPG flowchart+grand list of cliches
--custom resources
--save the elemelons, save the world
STATUS: brainstormed; databased

Explore Because Stuff
- open world, free to roam, with only lightweight objectives, and multiple paths
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Holy fuck Kentona.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Yeah, Kentona has a point here. If you really want to sift through someone's broken dreams, have a blast!
Got any Dexreth amulets?
My goodness. Pretty much all of this sound awesome, but I would really like to see that Imaginarium Kids game happen.

You should make a recruitment thread on the forums. Maybe it'll be the first one in history to actually be successful.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Yeah, there's stuff in there I would definitely sign up for!
I completely forgot about that rpg flowchart (and cloud's super deformed right hand). I think it'd be hilarious for the endgame to be on rng. Maybe this time you'll become Neo and get all the flying kung fu moves for GigaSatan v66.6.... but no, you rolled Mana Tree and now you can transform into a tree and regen hp. The story boss? Nah you rolled the 'real fight' this time, no hp=1 cutscene for you!
Make an event out of it!
You're magical to me.
Kentona, if you don't make Explore Because Stuff, I may be forced to take the MOG graphics you made for it and make a game because they are gorgeous and deserve to be used ^_^

And wow you have more games on the backburner than I do! ...I may have to make a status to list mine XD
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