I'm secretly hoping my computer crashes so I can give up some of these ongoing projects.
Hero Panic
Half the people disappeared, and strangers from multiple worlds have arrived -- when Rin is targeted by the city's new imperial regime, will she survive the chaos, or be crushed under its weight?



[Poll] Going off and creating a new online identity. Thoughts?

There's been some interesting posts here, and I feel bad I can't respond to all of them. But it's good stuff.

I wouldn't make another RPG Maker account, I'd probably just not use this one much. I find myself being pulled more into the digital art and visual novel community. I if I made a new identity, it'd be for that stuff.

[Poll] Going off and creating a new online identity. Thoughts?

I want to change my online identity from Gredge to something completely different. This means my games, art, online presence, would all be changed to something different than Gredge.

For me, I feel I have too much linked to express myself properly, and some of my real life friends are now aware of this presence and I feel it’s too much, a bit of a mistake. I’d rather take on a whole separate identity all together and start from ground zero, with no links.

It’s a thought that has been on my mind the last couple months. I’d rather run off and change to someone completely different. Has anyone else done this? What has been your experience? Was it a mistake? Did you return to your previous alias?

I feel I’m not well known online so there’s not much to lose. Let me know what you think.

Please pardon any grammatical issues. I’m typing this from my phone on a quick break at work.

Hero Panic

Hey, seems to be very interesting!!!
I want to be a tester.

Hey, thanks! You messaged me a long time back and I never read this. Don't know if you're still watching this page, but I'd be happy to have you as a tester when the time comes!

Subscribed. Best of luck with the project going forward.
Edit: Sign me up for the demo.

Awesome, so glad you're following this project! I'll definitely put you on the list for the demo!


Hey, thanks so much! This is the current style of the game. A lot more VN-ish!


Hey, thanks! I'll likely be remaking some of these. At first I went with a whole super villain theme - and female only - for all of the enemies, but given the recent revision, they could use some upgrades.

And yes it is. Supposed to be a bag, but my art wasn't the best back then. Haha

What Defines Grinding

I think it's one of those things where you will end up with a solution that pleases some but not all. Casual games tend to, by nature, be much easier to progress through the story, and someone who wants to simply get through the story, like the Golden Path player, is an example of a casual gamer. They're not interested in grinding out fights, they just want to topple the next boss and unlock the next episode of the story, and that's fine.

Then there's people like me who are on the grind-heavy side. I enjoy grinding, killing groups of enemies repeatedly, and feeling my characters get stronger. I invest my time and energy into profit, because I am constantly seeing my characters become stronger, find more items, unlock more skills, and I enjoy that. Of course, I wouldn't do any of that unless the combat in the game is designed quite well, with fun skills to play around with.

Personally I think you should head the route you enjoy most, because you always will have dissenting views despite where you land on it. Do you enjoy on-screen encounters? Then I'd use those: have the enemies block your path, chase you, or maybe a little cutscene once in a while which results in a battle. Maybe they reappear onscreen after you leave the area so people who want to grind can get a few more fights in.

I'll use an on-screen style for most of my games, though personally I prefer random encounters because of the constant threat it gives me. I enjoy the whole "poof, you're in a battle!" Especially if I'm two levels deep in a dungeon and debating whether I head down that one long perilous path with the amount of potions I have left. It's a bit more intense to me.

Now, you could go the route of creating both types of encounters and have the players choose at the start of the game (random encounters vs onscreen), but you'll try to please everyone and, more than likely, will burn yourself out on that endeavor.

Well that took a Dark Turn. (I'M BACK!!!!)


Thanks! It's nice to finally have some time to return to this hobby. Don't know about Discord though...

YAY! Gredge is back :DDD

Hey Unity! It's always great to see you, thanks.

zds inspired us too. Even though he is no l9nger with us. His inspiration will go on. Sometimes I think I still see him posting.

Even though zDS is long gone, I feel his presence still lingers. If he were here, I wonder what he'd be up to?

Good to see you back and working! This definitely belongs to this month's _best of blogs_.

Wow, thanks Cap! You guys sure know how to make me feel welcome. It's nice to be back, and I hope to stick around a good bit.


I did! Her name was chosen but it has a twofold application to who she is as a profession, as well as her very nature. It's a fun little tidbit which gets explored a little in the story, and if you know what her name means, it's one of those things that'll make you go, "Ah, I get."

Thank you for noticing it!

Theme Roulette

Looking forward to making a crummy clicker game out of whatever word I get.

But nah seriously, hope I get a unique word.

Everybody Make A Dumb Game This Weekend

Oh good, Libby. I think you'll find my game to be a real treat.

On a separate note, my game is so ridiculous, and most certainly dumb, that I decided to make some cheesy promotional art for it, which actually has nothing to do with the game itself. It was fun to draw, though.

Not included in my uploaded game. This is just for fun.