How do you get rid of stress?

Take a hot bath, listen to music, sleep, play video games.

What was the first game you ever played?

Some of my first memories are of playing Terminator II on the NES. I might have played Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt before that, but I'm pretty sure my first memories of those games came afterwards. I was practically born gaming.

Chapters of the Chosen, and Japan gets DQ5 this summer (UPDATE: SO DO WE ON SEPT. 16th)

I think it's less the games media and more certain people in the games media. The patent for DQV and the patent for DQIV were both initially reported by Siliconera. I've never bothered paying attention before, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're generally the ones to notice all the game patents.

Chapters of the Chosen, and Japan gets DQ5 this summer (UPDATE: SO DO WE ON SEPT. 16th)

Looks like Square-Enix registered "Hand of the Heavenly Bride" with the US Patent Office. That is essentially the subtitle of Dragon Quest V!
It's not any sort of confirmation (seeing as they did the same with Chrono Break back in the day), but it is a promising sign in light of the DQIV news.

We Did It First screenshot thread

I agree with what everyone's said so far. I've always liked it when people put more detail into less space. I've recently started to appreciate when people excise unnecessary stuff. I've heard a similar approach being applied to writing and movies, so it only seems natural to apply it to games as well.

I think this ties nicely into the Gamasutra article WIP mentions here.

Post documents of your domain. [Photo heavy]

It is from here that I weave my dark magicks upon the internet. That's my TV to the left, which is only ever turned on if it's the weekend, I'm going to sleep and I feel like some background noise, or I'm playing video games. Near the TV are all of my controllers and a horrible mess of applications and various other papers. Also pictured: my cat.

Most of my manga, a bunch of college books I couldn't sell back, a can of Raid (so THAT'S where it is!), and the good ol' Wii60. Plus the wireless router, which is tilted like that because my parents can't get a stable connection downstairs otherwise. It's propped up by a stack of old Gameboy games!

Some of my other books (many of which are being obscured), as well as all of my console games. And my cat's tail.

Most of the mess in my room, concentrated near the closet! Those trash bags are full of all my old clothes. I need to get around to throwing away all those boxes and bags, moving the keyboard over, and putting another bookcase against the wall. Some of my jeans and shirts are stacked on the chair because I just haven't had enough places to store stuff since we've moved into this house.


My bed, featuring a thick Korean blanket. I know I live in Hawaii, but I love that blanket. I actually just sleep on top of the other blanket and use that. This is where I play my portable games.

My cat, staring dramatically into the distance. That frayed cord is the result of his inability to keep from pawing at and chewing on anything that moves.

My room's pretty messy, but I'm planning on cleaning it up over the summer, after I get back from Japan.

Post documents of your domain. [Photo heavy]

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Nobody has made any guesses to the number of computers in my closet. =(





Post documents of your domain. [Photo heavy]

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Finished! Tank without the flash.

This is what happens when you eat pizza all weekend and your 5-year old nephew stays over.

I'll see about taking pictures of my room. I actually need to clean out a corner of my room to move in a bookshelf, so I'll probably take before/after shots of that.
When I'm less lazy.

post your picture

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Dude, when do you graduate?
I hope you're not talking to me. =(

post your picture

Exclusive NEVER BEFORE SEEN low-quality cameraphone picture of Gredlen:

People still ask me if I'm in high school. =(