Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
Just your friendly neighborhood RM2K3 developer trying to relive the good old times of his RM2K3 teenage years with more mature and sober eyes than before.




Good boy is good

Gobble Fantasy 2003

This looks way up my alley :D

I always wanted to make a game in a similar vein in RM2K3, but I kept procrastinating forever back when I still had the time.

Let's Play: Kiddo's Puzzcade v1.1

I recommend you play my new game if you'd like. It's so much better than this, I tried to step up my game in puzzle design quite a bit, and I think I kinda succeeded.

Let's Play: Kiddo's Puzzcade v1.1

Thank you for another LP! To be fair, I don't even remember what I changed in it between 2015 and 2018. It's been so long XD

Fighting Robots Quest

If you have any doubt this game is cool, just read my review. I wrote it before the current demo and, having played the current demo, all my comments still hold.

Qui Domi

I'm really glad to see you're considering finishing this project, even just as something slowly being worked on...
Thank you so much! I just came back to this website because my best friend just moved in with me. He makes his own games (not with rpgm) and he mentioned that some day we could rebuild Qui Domi on a new engine. It's not something that will happen soon, but it's definitely a glint in our eyes.
That'd be so sweeeeet <3

Shadow Seeker

I really hate these Steam asset-flipping scammers that steal people's work and try to pass it as their own to profit off of other people's work. I'm glad you managed to get them to take it down.

Bounty Angel 2

No way... why cancelled. :(
Well, the short version is that my apartment building caught fire, my computer was destroyed, and now I'm homeless.

I lost all of the models I made for Bounty Angel 2, and the cheap refurbished PC I bought doesn't even have a graphics card. I might return to it someday, and remake everything from scratch, but for now...

oof! Holy shit! I hope you're alright :(

Matchmaker Carol

I finally played this, and it's an excellent game!

Here's a link to the video:

It's probably the best RPG Maker puzzle game I have ever played. Emotionally resonant story (sometimes a bit obvious, but obvious in a way that's totally empathic), great message, backed up by interesting puzzle mechanics and some stuff I've never seen in RPG Maker before! Truly excellent, well-made, and slick. I'm looking forward to whatever Gretgor does in future.

Hopefully I'll gather myself together to write a coherent review to submit about this. If not, I would say I'd give this game a 4.5/5 in terms of my enjoyment. Loved this a lot.

Love ya, Gretgor! And everybody, do play this great game :D


This means a lot, for real! <3 <3 <3


Please tell me that's literally a TV Cultura t-shirt! The character design is adorable btw.