LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

Yes, I found the plotting so random. But hey, don't get me wrong. I love your game demo. This is absolutely gorgeous in some way. How long did it take to create something like this? I just started with my own project and created the thread on the other site/forums, but I got some negative feedback.LOL I wanna make a silly rpg that is at the same time contemplating for its plot.

Also, about your demo. Here's the problems I have;

- The main character, sometimes, getting stuck in the edge of the map whereas he should transfer to the next area. A simple move back and forth to the same tile would fix it, but still, it's quite a nuisance for your beautiful maps.

Which reveals the second issue;
- if you run into the above problem, and you keep pressing the directional pad, the footstep sfx will loop endlessly.
- And if you try to jump over the unpassable obstacles, the same issue may occur.

Some questions I have;

- I'd rather avoid the specters at the moment, as it seems like their behaviour in the battle could be improved with some battle plugins. Giving them more cooler, or numerous, varied skill should work too. But I'm really curious, what plugins you're using for the HUD?

- I'm reaching the guild using the teleport. It seems you put a voice over when the light beam appears, but I can barely hear what it says. In order to fast travel, do I need to run around my first time, interact with / use one of these teleports or will the game progess automatically unlock them all? The far I've reached is the gate (train station? idk) of this big city in daiclou, but most of the time I can just walk straight to the guild.

- What's the purpose of ES Sync? Are they some kind of summon? Any clue on how to get some more in the demo?

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

Where to buy cards? something seems off about the 2nd episode, 3 and 4, compared to the first one (avelion ancestor) and this game.

Avelions - The Ancestors

any tips for fast money?
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