SNES is the best console of all time.



Would anyone like to start a small group of RM speed runners? :D

[RM2K3] Lifestealing Weapon

How do I make a weapon give the attacker % damage health on hit?

[RM2K3] Lifestealing Weapon

How do I make a weapon give the attacker back % damage health on hit?


can someone shrink it down to a suitable size for a world map charset? much appreciated thank you

RM2k3 Title Screens

I know that it has to be 320x240, png... But what else? 256 colours, etc.. I need to know everything so I can make one

RMVX Resources

I'm tired of the 'blockyness' from the RTP tilesets. Does anyone have anything else I can use? Thanks a bunch!! :)

(RM2k3) Blue Magic/Lores

I want my character to learn the spell just by seeing it. Doesn't have to hit him. Anyways back to my HCBailly LPs.

RTP Mapper Looking For Work

Title pretty much says it all... I really enjoy making RTP Caves, Towns, World Maps if you want, etc... I can send maps to you through Skype, leave a msg here or PM me.

RMVX Online

How do I make my RPG Maker VX game online? I've looked for tutorials almost everywhere and none of them are of any help to me. Could someone please enlighten me?

FF6 Relics(2k3)

How can I make them? I'm pretty new to in-depth rpg maker...
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